The National Council of Nonprofits is a trusted reresource and leading advocate for America’s charitable nonearnings. Thstormy our effective netoccupational of state associations and also 25,000-plus members—the nation’s largest network of nonprofits—we serve as a main coordinator and also mobilizer to assist nonrevenues achieve higher collective affect in regional areas throughout the country. We recognize arising fads, share prstove practices, and promote solutions that benefit charitable nonprofits and the communities they serve.

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We Help Nonprofits Advance Their Missions


To run properly, charitable nonearnings in regional communities throughout the country need accessibility to timely, reputable indevelopment on operational, legal, and also capacity-building matters.


Nonprofits additionally need an increated champion to evaluate public plan breakthroughs of prevalent concern at the regional, state, and also federal levels. Then, they need a companion to advocate for them—and also alongside them—regularly in legislative bodies and also regulatory agencies, and sometimes in the courts.


Nimble advocacy is crucial, bereason plan proposals that host huge guide over the capability of nonearnings to succeed—such as imposing new taxes, limiting charitable giving incentives, establishing burdensome regulations, or interfering through independent decision-making—often erupt without warning, requiring swift, surefooted, and coordinated responses.


Finally, charitable nonprofits require the public, policymakers, and the philanthropic neighborhood to understand also exactly how they operate, the challenges they face, and the value they add.

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The National Council of Nonearnings exists to fulfill those needs

We’re the largest netjob-related of nonprofits in the nation.

We’re the central link connecting the biggest nationwide and sector-wide grassroots “netjob-related of nonprofit networks.” Thturbulent our core network of state associations of nonrevenues, we have more than 25,000 organizational members from coast to coastline. We extend our core netoccupational for added advocacy strength via our member State Policy Allies, nationwide nonearnings through state policy operations, and other collaborative partners. Our unique structure—and the operating culture we’ve arisen over the years—gives us via access to real-time indevelopment about what’s arising “on the ground,” providing us real-people expertise and insights that are unmatched in the sector. We continually gather, analyze, synthesize, and also circulate information. This reciprocal procedure of information exchange up, throughout, and also via our netfunctions and also past strengthens nonprofit advocacy, capacity structure, and efficiency. 

We emphasis on the health and well-being of charitable nonprofits—specifically tiny and midsized charities in neighborhood neighborhoods.

Of the 1.3 million charitable nonearnings registered via the IRS, the substantial majority are tiny and midsized. Ninety-seven percent have yearly budgets of less than $5 million; 92 percent spend less than $1 million; 88 percent less than $500,000. Many kind of of these organizations—such as neighborhood food financial institutions and neighborhood health clinics, senior centers and also arts groups, and numerous thousands more—depfinish on the totally free access we administer to timely indevelopment, policy evaluation, and used advocacy they should supply their missions to people in regional communities. 

We’re the only nationwide, sector-wide team that integprices plan advocacy vertically (all levels of government) and also horizontally (all branches of government). This holistic method results in plans that support, strengthen, and also safeguard nonearnings, specifically small and midsized groups.

Our distinctive included technique to public policy allows us to acknowledge emerging fads, determine methods and also dangers of best relevance to charitable nonprofits, build on plan successes throughout the nation, and also challenge flawed policy proposals via information, experiences, and real-people conmessage. Thunstable straight advocacy, behind-the-scenes action, and also our job-related via mainstream media, we ensure a strong nonprofit visibility before the federal government, in state resources, and at city halls. 

On policy matters, we’re the only nationwide group watching out for the welfare of the whole 501(c)(3) nonprofit community at all levels of governments.

Other national groups properly focus on the specialized requirements of their members’ subsector problems, such as the multitude of teams focused on facets of health care and the 100+ philanthropy-serving organizations tfinishing to foundations and other funders. We identify and also celebprice the specialized roles they play. But some plan matters transcfinish particular subsectors. Without a doubt, focusing specifically on one tree deserve to block sight of the forest fire raging nearby. As Aristotle observed, periodically the totality is better than the amount of its parts. That’s why we look out for the whole, the concerns of shared concern to all subsectors of the 501(c)(3) neighborhood. Those sector-wide problems include taxes plan (e.g., earnings, residential property, and also sales taxes), regulatory oversight, employment, nonpartisanship, and also a lot more. While subsector experts emphasis on the good of their reasons, we focus on the widespread excellent of the sector.

Simply put: We obtain stuff done.

We’re not a think tank or facilities team that talks about what requirements to be done; we perform it. We focus on impact and also action, leading to outcomes that demonstrably boost the operating and plan setting on which all nonprofits depend. 

Contributing to the work of the National Council of Nonrevenues is like investing in an index fund: via one docountry, you have the right to breakthrough the job-related of 10s of hundreds of charitable nonprofits impacting individuals and communities from coastline to shore and border to border.