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You have actually simply received some exceptional news – you are pregnant! Firstly, astronomical congratulations you are at the start of an exceptional journey.

But currently comes among the toughest decisions you will certainly have to make for your little one – their name! Now there are a wide range of choices available to you, from names that have particular meanings or that come from certain societies.

With tright here being such a huge variety of names obtainable, we have put together some names that mean envy or jealousy to get you started and also inspire you to think outside package.

Girls Names

Aamanee –A name of Arabic beginning that implies ‘a person id having a desire, treatment or envy’.

Aideen – An Irish name meaning ‘jealousy’.

Alyva –Of English origin and also indicates ‘envious’.

Anasuya –This is a name of Hildi origin that suggests ‘envy’ or ‘jealousy’.

Cana – Means ‘jealousy’ or ‘possession’.

Chardy –Of Hindi origin and also means ‘a perchild who is alone or envious’.

Etain –Irish beginning and also means ‘jealousy’.

Etaoin –This is the name of a mythical beauty transformed right into a scarlet fly by a jealous wife and also is of Irish beginning.

Darby –Means ‘free from envy’ and also is of Irish origin.

Envi –A name of English beginning meaning ‘envy’.

Eris –This is the name of the Greek goddess of spite who actually began the Trojan war.

Esha –This is based on one of the Indian culture’s goddesses, Paravati. Its definition is ‘a girl that is envious’.

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Cain –Cain was the initially murderer in the bible, having actually killed his brother in a fit of jealousy.

Conor –An Irish name meaning ‘A person that has actually high really hopes, jealousy or envious’.

Dermot –This is a name of Irish beginning meaning ‘complimentary from envy’.

Diarmaid –Of Irish beginning and indicates ‘without envy’. This is likewise the name of several primitive Irish queens.

Diarmuid –This is the old Irish spelling of the name Dermot. This spelling is frequently supplied in the Irish legfinish of Diramuid and Grainne.

Ehioze –An Afrideserve to name definition ‘not jealous’.

Gibbes –Scottish and German beginning and means ‘envious’ or ‘jealousy’.

Kermit –Means ‘one that has jealousy or envy’.

Livianus –Of Ancient Roman beginning and implies ‘envious’.

Livius –A Romale family name that may be regarded either the Latin word ‘liveo’ definition ‘to envy’ or ‘lividus’ interpretation ‘envious’.

Neidhard –This is a name of Germale origin interpretation ‘envy’.

Phthonus –Greek beginning and also implies ‘envy’ or ‘jealousy’.

Snow –Means ‘jealousy’ and is of Spanish origin.

Zavis –Derived from the Slavic word interpretation ‘envy’.

The Final Thought

Although as soon as you think of baby names, ones that intend envy or jealousy are not the initially to involved mind tbelow are some beautiful choices accessible. We hope our list has actually motivated you to look beyond the more conventional baby names and also choose one that is a little even more unique!

But if you are still searching for some further incentive then why not check out some more names with unexplained meanings such as fear, scared, or afraid. Or even snake or serpent.