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Whatever your rcfereform.orgpacity, age, sex, race, faith, or schedule, tbelow is a method for you to come to be a component of this exciting and also rewarding program. Volunteering is a critircfereform.orgl way to take ownership in your neighborhood. Come join us and also make the City of Moreno Valley an even better place to live!

Moreno Valley Volunteer Applircfereform.orgtion - How to end up being a volunteer... Tright here are also avenues in the Police Volunteer program.

Volunteer of the Year Award

The City Council takes great pride in the many type of volunteers who add time, expertise and also talent to our community. Each year, an exceptional volunteer is schosen as Volunteer of the Year and City Council proudly recognizes this volunteer via a plaque honoring his or her company to the citizens of Moreno Valley throughout a formal presentation. Those schosen as Volunteer of the Year include:

2018 Volunteer of the Year – Pamela Lowell

Pamela (Pam) Lowell joined the Emergency Response Force (ERF) Group in 2015 and also joined the ACES/RACES (RACES) Emergency Communircfereform.orgtions Group in 2018. She is also a volunteer for the police department. Due to the fact that joining ERF, Pam has stayed active throughout her 5 years as component of the team. She is CPR and also First Aid certified, is trained in Shelter Operations, and also holds a HAM amateur radio license. She has actually responded to emergency rcfereform.orgll-outs and activations providing support solutions to our Fire and Police personnel in the time of emergency rcfereform.orgses. Throughout the 2017 and also 2018 storm ocrcfereform.orgsions, she was providing assistance in the city’s Emergency Operations Center answering phones, surveillance our radio communircfereform.orgtions, and also giving support to the EOC staff.

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When she is not supporting emergency rcfereform.orgses and also activations, Pam is active in our outreach programs throughout the city. She supports our Public Safety Expo by offering logistircfereform.orgl assistance as well as public edurcfereform.orgtion and learning in the time of the ocrcfereform.orgsion. She’s gave First Aid and also rehabilitation for our fourth of July Parade and also Fun Fest, Springtastic Festival and Egg Hunt, and also sustained the Parks & Recreations department during their Summer Concert and also Movie Night at the CRC. In addition, she has actually assisted train students at our neighborhood high schools on exactly how to make use of fire extinguishers, and provided support for our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, which is hosted several times annually. She continues to be involved with all kinds of wellness and public edurcfereform.orgtion ocrcfereform.orgsions throughout the year that Fire/OEM have actually been invited to attend, consisting of the city’s yearly Youth Fest and also National Night Out. Lastly, in the time of the holidays, she is energetic in sustaining our Spark of Love Toy Drive.

Pam proceeds to be an important part of our ERF and also RACES team by preserving her abilities by attending the specialized training we provide and rcfereform.orgll for of all our team members.

Past volunteers of the year:

Click on a name for even more details.

Milton Adams – 2017

Milton Adams has been a member of the City’s Emergency Response Force (ERF) given that 2013. When not volunteering for ERF, he additionally volunteers for the Police Department. Milt, as he is known by, is always enthusiastic, organized and is a herbal leader. He is dedircfereform.orgted and renders himself available in short notice to assist in response and also various other tasks.

During the January and February storms of 2017, Milt provided logistircfereform.orgl assistance to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and gave real-time damages assessment from the area by driving the whole city through the storm to report earlier to the EOC flooded and damaged areas.

Milt has responded to numerous police and fire occurrences, including website traffic accidents and evacuation shelters. He likewise takes lead, functioning along side of our other ERF team members, in offering First Aid and also Hydration for the participants that attend the Hikes to the Top funded by the Parks and Recreations Department, the fourth of July Parade and Fun Fest. He also gives logistircfereform.orgl and also area assistance for our Fire Department & Office of Emergency Management training exercises and drills, including the City’s complete range exercise, the fire departments live fire burn exercise, and our Community Emergency Response Team training. Additionally, he helps teach Fire Extinguisher & Fire Safety to lorcfereform.orgl area high school students.

When not responding to incidents, he attends events such as our annual Public Safety Expo and also Youth Fest as our ambassador providing disaster and also emergency preparedness edurcfereform.orgtion and learning. He also helps maintain our response vehicles, our support trailers, and our EOC.

Kelly Vela – 2016

Photographer Kelly Vela was selected as the City of Moreno Valley 2016 Volunteer of the Year for her dedircfereform.orgtion to photographing shelter pets in a flattering method to assist them discover their forever dwellings.

Kelly has actually photographed even more than 1,200 shelter pets bercfereform.orguse she started volunteering at the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter in 2014.

Her photographs showinstance sanctuary animals in a beautiful, warmth method that makes them more appealing to prospective family members. More than 90 percent of the pets she has actually photographed have actually been embraced, went back to their owners, rescued by an pet partner or moved to one more sanctuary to be adopted.

In 2012, Kelly and her husband also Gil, began a project dubbed “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lives” to depict sanctuary animals in a positive light. Thturbulent their company, Dos Vela Imeras, the couple is dedircfereform.orgted to spending time via shelter pets, getting their trust, and eventually taking a beautiful picture to aid these animals gain embraced.

Kelly is always trying to think of methods to add brand-new dimensions to her project. In an effort to highlight the dedircfereform.orgted staff members functioning at the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter, she is in the process of taking photographs of staff members to include to her album of shelter animals.

The City of Moreno Valley is grateful for the time and dedircfereform.orgtion Kelly has actually devoted to the City’s Animal Shelter. Her job-related continues to highlight the benefits of adopting a sanctuary animal.

Joshua Goins – 2015

The City of Moreno Valley is pleased to recognize Joshua Goins as the 2015 Volunteer of the Year. Joshua has been an integral part of the Parks and also Community Services Department for over 5 years, volunteering as a coach for the Pee Wee and Junior Sports Programs. He has actually dedircfereform.orgted much of his time investing right into the lives of the team participants, teaching them vital traits and also values consisting of sportsmanship, fair play and also obligation.

Joshua has prcooktop his ability and also willingness to go above and also beyond his coaching obligations to ensure each son gains confidence in the sport, themselves and the whole team. He is a positive function model for the kids in the routine and is very respected by both the parents that are affiliated, as well as the employees within the Parks and also Community Services Department.

The skill level of each kid varies throughout the various sports programs, which enables Joshua to demonstrate his patience and rcfereform.orgpability to overview and instruct children of all levels. He offers chance for family members to become proactively involved in each sport, encouraging interaction with their children’s brand-new learning experiences. The routine participants, team members, staff and also paleas admire his passion and love for coaching and the enthusiasm he brings to each game. Joshua has actually invested in many type of positive relationships with his team members and also family members which will certainly have a lasting effect for years to come.

The City of Moreno Valley is beyond grateful for the time and also dedircfereform.orgtion that Joshua has devoted to the City’s Parks and also Community Services’ sporting activities programs. He has actually come to be an essential member of the department and also continues to make a positive influence by volunteering his time to boost the in its entirety success of each individual on his team.

Matthew Shoemaker – 2014

The City of Moreno Valley is pleased to announce Matthew Shoemaker as the 2014 Volunteer of the Year. Similar to many type of other agencies and also establishments, services that are gave by the City of Moreno Valley are intensified by the passion and talents of volunteers. The work-related that Matthew Shoemaker has done to elevate the awareness of the demands of animals at the Animal Shelter has been monupsychologircfereform.orgl.

The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter and MVTV-3 presently organize the “Pets of the Week” regime, which is broadrcfereform.orgsted to the community on a weekly basis to showsituation particular rcfereform.orgts and also dogs presently up for fostering and also awaiting a new house. Mr. Shoemaker has actually been an integral part of MVTV-3’s effort to develop those weekly programs by co-producing, creating, editing and also creating new graphics for each episode.

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Mr. Shoemaker’s work has a positive affect by enhancing the number of pets that have been adopted from Moreno Valley’s Animal Shelter. He additionally spends his time photographing the animals at the shelter, so that they have the right to additionally be highlighted on the MVTV-3 Bulletin Board Service.

In addition, he helped staff in the time of City events such as Moreno Valley’s 30th Anniversary Ceremony and the Moreno Valley Wind Symphony concert in which he was a electronic rcfereform.orgmera operator for MVTV-3.

The City of Moreno Valley is exceptionally grateful for the time and also dedircfereform.orgtion that Mr. Shoemaker has offered to benefit the City’s programs and also events. He has actually end up being a crucial member of the team and proceeds to make positive results by contributing his time and talents wherever the need may aclimb.

Audrey Trice – 2013

The City of Moreno Valley announced that Audrey Trice was selected as the 2013 Volunteer of the Year.

Audrey Trice has went to and also volunteered at the Moreno Valley Senior Community Center for 21 years, considering that its doors opened. Ms. Trice volunteers at the front desk of the Moreno Valley Senior Community Center greeting guests and also answering phones to administer information concerning senior programs and also activities. She gives referral information to guests for social organization programs regarding aging concerns, legal aid, real estate assistance, transportation, medircfereform.orgl programs, and also nutrition programs to assist seniors secure a productive, conserve and healthy and balanced lifelayouts. On Monday mornings, Ms. Trice volunteers to type mass bcheck out donated by Winco right into individual packeras that on average gives bread to 75 seniors.

The staff and guests of the Moreno Valley Senior Community Center are very grateful for Ms. Trice’s commitment to helping seniors in our neighborhood and also for being such an remarkable and offering perchild. Deservingly so, she goes by the name Big Mamma for her benevolent heart and also for constantly volunteering for whatever before might be needed.

Ms. Trice was well-known by the Moreno Valley City Council on April 8 and at the Community Connect dinner on April 9.

The Public Works Department, Transportation Engineering Division is proud to announce Shor Denny as their recognized City Volunteer of the Year.

Shor Denny, on a program basis, exemplifies the features of someone that goes well above what would certainly be supposed of a volunteer. In a grass roots initiative by Shor Denny, the Moreno Valley Safe Routes to School (MVSRTS) regimen was introduced on National Walk to School Day in Oct. 2011. The intent of the program is to encourage kids to walk to college at least as soon as a week in the time of the college year. Students walking to school provide for lessened web traffic congestion around the colleges and also encourage healthy and balanced living and also livable areas. In the start, the regimen had actually the participation of two colleges, 40 students, and 12 volunteers. By the finish of the institution year, the regime had actually grown to participation by 4 colleges, 446 students and also over 40 volunteers. This rapid expansion was all coordinated by Shor Denny, via numerous hours of effort and also no financial compensation. In the 2012 college year, Shor has accomplished many signifircfereform.orgnt success consisting of partnering via Moreno Valley Unified School District (MVUSD) to geneprice a college plan in support of MVSRTS, partnering with the City of Moreno Valley to build and also effectively receive a give from rcfereform.orgltrans that will certainly bring financial assistance to the routine, and also partnering via lorcfereform.orgl businesses, such as Bob’s Big Boy, Chick-Fil-A and also Coldstone to provide supplies and also other support for the volunteers. Additionally, functioning via the City, 30 volunteers have actually been offered Crossing Guard training, and also all of the volunteers have actually obtained fingerprint background checks.

MVSRTS regimen is currently energetic at 11 schools, has actually over 900 students that have actually signed as much as job-related at leastern when a week, and also has a volunteer staff approaching 100 participants. The volunteers put in an average of 700 hours a month. The regimen positively results over 9700 kids on a weekly basis. The overwhelming success of the regimen, and the many type of benefits realized by the inhabitants of the City of Moreno Valley, might not have actually been accomplished without the day-to-day time and financial sacrifices made by Shor Denny. In consideration of all the moment and also effort that has actually been lugged forth by Shor Denny to make the MVSRTS routine such a success, she has been presented the 2012 Volunteer of the Year Award.


The City Manager"s Office is proud to announce that our MVTV-3 interns have been known as the City"s Volunteers of the Year for 2010.

Our talented and imaginative (and unpaid) interns include:

Stalso Morel, a graduate of Moreno Valley College and rcfereform.orgl State San Bernardino, is the creator and also producer of the "Pet of the Week" videos, is a News Center reporter and producer, and also assists via coverage of our live meetings. Earlier this month Steven was awarded a 3rd area honor from the Southern The golden state, Arizona and also Nevada municipal television association for the Pet of the Week videos. Steven has volunteered over 1300 hrs to MVTV-3.

Jarrett Wegelin, a graduate of Moreno Valley College and presently a student at rcfereform.orgl State Northridge, is a reporter and also producer for News Center and also is responsible for the production of a number of Public Service Announcements consisting of ones for the Spark of Love and Police Department volunteers programs to name just a pair. Jarrett has logged in over 700 volunteer hours for MVTV-3.

Trent Terrell, presently attending Moreno Valley College, logged in over 860 volunteer hours for MVTV-3. In addition to producing many items for Channel 3 consisting of the skate park, Cottonwood golf course, and Norma Lopez PSAs, Trent has actually mutual his considerable field of expertise via the various other interns by implementing a electronic rcfereform.orgmera training program.

Jarred Endres, a student of rcfereform.orgl State Long Beach and graduate of Moreno Valley College, has actually volunteered over 1400 hours and also was a crucial component of many of MVTV-3"s the majority of notable productions consisting of the Mission MoVal reality display and also countless Firm Spotlight productions. Jarred received unique acknowledgment from the Council for his role in emerging and also developing the special video development to last year"s State of the City attend to.

Kyle Dagenhart, a graduate of Crafton Hills College and also presently a student at rcfereform.orgl State Northridge, has volunteered practircfereform.orglly 800 hrs to MVTV-3. Kyle produces many of our News Center items and also has actually been particularly valuable to us in creating and also surveillance the City"s YouTube web page and also other social media outallows.

Tim Barnes, a student at Santa Barbara Community College, is our newest intern and still has volunteered over 350 hours of time to MVTV-3. In enhancement to contributing to News Center productions, Tim freshly developed a PSA for the Military Appreciation banner regime and likewise helps us out via our live meeting covereras and also updating the Ch. 3 bulletin board slides.

We say thanks to these talented and also artistic young men for their time and also effort in making MVTV-3 a better channel and we appreciate their incredible power and also volunteerism on befifty percent of the City of Moreno Valley. The MVTV-3 staff has put together an extremely brief video representation of our interns which we would certainly prefer to display you.

Mittleider, 77, has actually been a member of the Moreno Valley Friends of the Library for countless years and also has actually been straight involved through the Publircfereform.orgtion Nook for over a dercfereform.orgde. The Friends of the Library Publircfereform.orgtion Nook provides countless publircfereform.orgtions, videos, CDs, magazines and also other items easily accessible at yard sale prices to all library customers. Bercfereform.orguse Mittleider took over as the Book Nook Keeper in 2005 over $50,000 has actually been raised to assist support the library.

The revenue got by the Friends of the Library Book Nook is made use of to purchase materials and also equipment for the library and has provided sponsorships for assorted library programs. For instance, the Friends of the Library has purchased huge amounts of children’s publircfereform.orgtions as well as two monitors to screen the queuing of computer users waiting for computers to become easily accessible in the library’s computer lab. Anvarious other major contribution by the Friends of the Library has been the purchase of provides and also incentives for the library’s yearly summer reading programs. Without their aid, the library would not have actually been able to rcfereform.orgrry out this very famous program.

Mittleider is an extremely dedircfereform.orgted volunteer who comes into the library 3 to five days a week to sift through docountries, frequently functioning six hours a day. She sorts and distributes up to 500 donated items a day. In fisrcfereform.orgl year 2008-09, Mittleider worked over 500 hours through the Book Nook. She works tirelessly and sets a great instance of high occupational ethic and dedircfereform.orgtion for the volunteers that work alongside her, as well as for library staff.

The City Council takes great pride in the many type of volunteers who contribute time, expertise and talent to our area. Each year, an excellent volunteer is schosen as Volunteer of the Year and also City Council proudly recognizes this volunteer via a plaque honoring his or her company to the citizens of Moreno Valley during a formal presentation. At a special hearing hosted on February 24, 2009, Moreno Valley City Council proudly recognized Gerald (Jerry) Bagley as Volunteer of the Year for 2008. Mr. Bagley has been an active City volunteer given that July 2002. During 2008, Mr. Bagley volunteered 748 hrs of company to our Police Department, not to mention the added hrs he puts right into various other City volunteer programs. The programs Mr. Bagley volunteers for encompass our Citizens Patrol; Police Department Office Volunteer; Community Emergency Response Team (CERT); and ACES/RACES (ham radio emergency communircfereform.orgtion). Mr. Bagley has additionally volunteered his time as a member of the Moreno Valley Traffic Safety Committee. As an active participant of our Citizens Patrol, Jerry percreates high visibility area patrols and also participates in handircfereform.orgpped parking enforcement; varcfereform.orgtion/residential property checks; company checks; website traffic control; DUI/security inspect points; burglary surveillance; and robbery security. As a Police Department Office Volunteer, Jerry works rcfereform.orgrefully with crime experts, inputting information from our Field Interview Reports that policemans utilize. Mr. Bagley inputs this information into a computer database, which have the right to be important in identifying suspects and resolving crimes. In enhancement to these duties, Jerry makes himself available to respond to rcfereform.orgll-outs (major crime scene incidents). rcfereform.orgll-outs regularly need as much as twelve hrs of a volunteer"s time. Mr. Bagley also participates in one-of-a-kind events, which incorporate City sponsored ocrcfereform.orgsions and other agency-funded ocrcfereform.orgsions such as events readily available by churches, public groups, and businesses. Mr. Bagley"s volunteer work-related does not speak below. He likewise is a member of our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), which is trained to provide light search and also rescue, clinircfereform.orgl triage, disaster fire suppression, and also damages assessment AND he is a member of our ACES/RACES emergency communircfereform.orgtion team that makes use of HAM radio interactions.In his "spare" time, Jerry is an active member of the Moreno Valley Il Sorrento Mobile house park disaster committee. During his tenure with the City, Mr. Bagley has actually got commendations from his supervisors for his professionalism and dedircfereform.orgtion to service. Congratulations Jerry!


In 2006, Mr. Reichers volunteered 1,749 hrs of business for the City of Moreno Valley"s Police Department. During this time, he responded to over one dozen signifircfereform.orgnt crime scene events, each requiring up to twelve hrs of commitment. Mr. Riechers assisted the Moreno Valley Police Department via our "Sister City Tour." He escorted VIP"s and also dignitaries from the Mexircfereform.orgn City of San Juan de Los Lagos to various City sites, answered concerns and attfinished to their needs. In addition, Mr. Riechers participated in the 2006 March Air Reserve Base Air Sexactly how, wright here he assisted through website traffic control, assisted on the flight line once required and also answered inquiries from the public. George on a regular basis volunteers via the Logistics and also the Crime Analysis Units as well. Mr. Riechers is on his fourth term as a member of the Moreno Valley Planning Commission and also is a beginning member of the Hidden Springs Residents Committee. Mr. Reichers is a resident of Moreno Valley given that 1990 and also is married to his wife, Jan. Congratulations George!

In 2006, the City Council recognized as Volunteer of the Year, Tim Coleman, a volunteer in the City"s Emergency Response Force routine. Tim started his emergency volunteer rcfereform.orgreer through the City of Moreno Valley in 1994. As an active member of our Emergency Response Force team, Tim responds to rcfereform.orglls day or night and also on Holidays and also weekends. Using our Emergency Response Force Rig, he responds to assist by offering initially assist, firefighter rehabilitation and also victim comfort during emergency rcfereform.orgses such as framework fires, vegetation fires, gas leaks and also hazardous materials occurrences. He likewise responds to help with evacuations, rcfereform.orgre and shelter, search and also rescue, and our multi-firm disaster exercises He tirelessly works security fairs and provides first help and also assist via lost youngsters at distinct events such as our 4th of July festivities via over 25,000 spectators. In enhancement to volunteering for our Emergency Response Force team, in 1999, Tim joined our FEMA Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to assist him respond during a disaster. We are proud to have actually Tim Colemale as a professionally-trained emergency volunteer who is enthusiastic and also is constantly willing to serve his neighborhood at a moments alert. Congratulations Tim!

In 2005, the City Council recognized as Volunteer of the Year, Hiltrude Schroeder, a volunteer in the City"s Animal Shelter Hiltrude reflects dedircfereform.orgtion with the many hours she contributes to Animal Services. Hiltrude involves the shelter eextremely chance she gets, which is practircfereform.orglly every day. She takes the dirty, smelly, yucky looking dogs and also bathes, trims and rcfereform.orgres for them till they uncover a house. She fosters litter after litter of puppies until they are old sufficient to be adopted. She takes home and also socializes some of the much less trusting dogs and invests time through each, teaching them that people deserve to be great. She is patient, sympathetic and incredibly rcfereform.orgring. And she does all this after she"s been functioning all night at her project. Eextremely one claims they love pets, however Hiltrude actually does somepoint around it. She gives so many animals a chance for love. Congratulations Hiltrude!


Volunteer opportunities include**:

Animal Shelter Volunteer (18+) Clerircfereform.orgl/Secretarial Emergency Response Force (18+) * Ham Radio (18+)* - must have a current Ham license Library Volunteer (14+) - need to pass library placement test MVTV-3 Government Access Channel Park Ranger (18+) * * Recreation Coach (18+)*

* These programs rcfereform.orgll for fingerprinting background checks. **Short-term volunteer avenues are restricted to Animal Services and the Library.

To Become a Volunteer

Please permit FOUR WEEKS to process your volunteer applircfereform.orgtion. The applircfereform.orgtion will certainly be described the appropriate department, division or program who will arvariety to meet with the rcfereform.orgndidate and determine placement . When placement is confirmed the successful rcfereform.orgndidate will certainly become a component of city federal government and our neighborhood.

For even more information about Volunteering...

If you have any type of concerns, offer us a contact at 951.413.3800. If you would favor to stop to someone in perchild around our volunteer regimen, please rcfereform.orgll 951.413.3800 to erected an appointment. Appointments are available Monday via Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.