The Michigan Articles of Incorporation For Use By A Nonprofit Corporation | Form CSCL/CD-502 should be submitted to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau by an Incorporator wishing to create a domestic nonprofit corporation in the State of Michigan. Oftentimes, nonprofit corporations wish to be exempt from assorted taxes such as the Michigan Sales Tax and Use Tax. Here, it is crucial to note that filing these articles will not automatically provide Tax-Exempt condition in any kind of method. This may just be done with the Internal Revenue Service. Incorporators are urged to take the initiative if they look for such standing by contacting the Internal Revenue Service Directly. In reality, these posts should not be filed without consulting with this entity and also an appropriate experienced such as an attorney or an accountant before filling out this form.

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When you have completed your due diligence in relooking information, have actually filled out this form correctly, and have actually attached all the forced documentation you should submit it to the correct entity. You might mail, hand deliver, or fax (if you have an energetic MICH-ELF account) one original copy, its attachments, and full payment of the $20.00 Filing Fee to the Michigan Department of Licensing and also Regulatory Affairs, Corporations, Securities, & Commercial Licensing Bureau, Corporations Division, P.O. Box 30054, Lansing, MI 48909 or hand also delivered to 2501 Woodlake Circle, Okemos, MI. If faxing then fax to (517) 636-6437. Make certain your crmodify card information is as much as day prior to faxing. If you are mailing this package you might usage just a check or money order, made payable to “Secretary of State.” If you are hand also transferring this personally you may pay by inspect, money order, MasterCard, or Visa. You may select to expedite this filing. If so, the Expedited Service Request Form have to be submitted all at once along with a complete payment for the service. It must be noted that you must likewise submit the filing by a particular time of day relying on the organization.

If you wish the filing to be expedited to a 1 hour handling time, then it have to be submitted by four p.m. and also have to be accompanied by a payment for an additional $1,000. A 2 hour handling request must be submitted by three p.m. that day and also must be accompanied by a $500.00 payment. You might also choose Same Day Service which will require a entry by one p.m. and a payment of $100.00. Finally, the 24-hour handling request may be submitted at any type of time but have to encompass an additional payment of $50.00. All Expedited Service Researches have to be done in writing utilizing the Expedited Service Repursuit create regardmuch less of just how you will certainly submit your filing.

How To File

Step 1 –  Downfill the Michigan Articles of Incorporation For Use By A Nonprofit Corporation by selecting the “Downfill Link” above or you might choose the “PDF” switch at the peak of this page. This will deliver a PDF version of this record. You should kind or usage a printer to develop the information forced in these short articles.

Step 2 – Next off, in the heavy bordered box in the optimal left hand component of the web page (whose initially line is labeled “Name”) enter the Full Name and Mailing Address of the individual that might obtain the went back papers. This may be a P.O. Box yet it need to be approximately Date and be linked with a particular individual.

Step 3 – Post II requires you accurately define the objective of this nonprofit corporation. Make certain this contains how the corporation being created will run in the State of Michigan as a nonprofit corporate entity.

Tip 4 – In Post III, you should divulge whether this corporation has been authorized to issue stock or not. Tbelow will certainly be 3 items requiring attention. In Item 1, enter the word “Stock” if this corporation has been created on a stock basis or “Nonstock” if it has actually been formed on a nonstock basis. If this has actually been formed on a stock basis then proceed to the next action. If not then proceed to Step 6.

Tip 5 – Item 2 of Article III must only be addressed if this nonprofit has been authorized to problem stock. If so, enter the Total Number of Shares authorized on the blank line complying with the words “…authority to problem is.” If tright here are certain classes, you must report the Number of Shares, Rights, Preferrals, and also Limitations of each Class. Then proceed to Tip 7. Do not fill in Item 3 of this Message if you have anypoint to report here, in Item 2.

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Step 6 – If this nonprofit corporation has been created on a nonstock basis then, in Item 3a of Message III, specify the value of the genuine residential or commercial property and also assets and give a description of both residential property and also assets. If tright here is none to report then create the word “none.” In Item 3b, report any type of personal building assets and also define those assets. Finally in Item 3d, show if this corporation has actually been created on a Membership or Directorship basis by composing the word “Membership” or “Directorship” on the blank area provided.


Step 7 –Each corpoprice entity in the State of Michigan have to have a Resident Agent and also Registered Office. This is so company of procedure might be ceded to a trustworthy party who has consented to receiving such court created documents on befifty percent of the corporation. Here in Item 1 of Blog post IV, report the Full Name of the Resident Agent. In Item 2, report the Street Address of the Registered Office’s actual place in the State of Michigan. If the Resident Agent has a separate Mailing Address, this should be reported only in Item 3.

Step 8 – In Article V, produce a list of all the Incorporators for this corporation and each one’s Residential or Business Address. Note: These parties will certainly have to authorize this record.


Step 9 – If there are any kind of various other posts or creates being submitted via the Michigan Articles of Incorporation For Use By A Nonprofit Corporation, they have to be clearly recorded on the following web page, in the optimal section (start via the words “Use the space listed below.” When reporting these items, usage the exact Title of the document being submitted through these short articles.

Tip 10 – The bottom of this page will have a statement beginning with “I, (We), the incorporators…,” below which the Date of Signing need to be reported on the spaces accessible. Next, each Incorporator need to Sign his/her Name to show their consent and fix to submitting these short articles through the intention of forming a domestic nonprofit corporation in the State of Michigan.


Tip 11 – The top of the next page will certainly call for the Preparer (the perkid who filled out the information) to enter his or her Name on the initially blank line and his or her Business Telephone Number of the second empty line.


Tip 12 – You have actually a number of choices for filing these short articles. Before this occurs make certain you have actually one original copy of the completed Michigan Articles of Incorporation For Use By Nonprofit Corporations, that any type of and also all attachments are appropriately labeled and also existing, and also you are able to pay the $20.00 Filing Fee. Remittance of this payment shall depfinish on the approach of submittal. You may use a inspect or money order payable to “Secretary of State” if you are submitting in person or by mail. If you wish to pay via a credit card (MasterCard or VISA), you must submit the write-ups in perboy or by fax. Note: you may only fax the package in if you have an energetic MICH-ELF account through an establiburned and also approved payment technique.

To Mail, Send To:

Michigan Department of Licensing and also Regulatory AffairsCorporations, Securities, & Commercial Licensing BureauCorporations DivisionP.O. Box 30054Lansing, MI 48909