Merle Haggard Religious Songs

Merle Haggard / FOX 5 Atlanta Merle Haggard left this civilization prior to us. We hope and pray that he made it through the pearly gates and is now singing in hillbilly heaven. We are left via his lengthy list of songs that have the right to suit various occasions. This time, let’s gather our thoughts, as we recollect Haggard’s songs that wake our spiritual sensibility. Though The Hag is not as famous as the Carter Family in the genre of gospel music, he had creditable performances for sets of tried-and-true spiritual songs.

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These songs are not arranged according to a details category of ranking. They are all equally inspiring and also worth to listen.


“Why Me” is one of the gospel country songs that are mostly extended by various artists. Written by Kris Kristofferson, the song received a Gold Certification from the RIAA in 1973. Kristofferson crafted the song at the allude in time wright here he was undergoing an emotional and also spiritual crisis. He obtained his incentive from their local church and also his very own realization towards living according to God’s will.

These songs are evidence that a beautiful end-result have the right to come out of the bluest time in our life. It’s just a matter of bringing out the organic creative gift surprise inside of you.


Lord, don’t offer up on me I’ll carry out ideal at some point,Lord, don’t tune me out, don’t revolve away I’m just a wandering pilgrim all alone,Lord, I’m only halfmethod home And Lord, I’m only halfway home

The Hag sounded extremely individual on this specific song, asking for God’s patience on him. Haggard was exceptionally aware that can’t totally attain his objective and also goals without the guiding hand of the Almighty. He additionally acknowledged his imperfection and that he was trying to make points right. This song is a perfect hymn of humility and petition.

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Haggard stated that a gospel album won’t be finish without this standard gospel song. The hymn highlights the message of 2 Corinthians 5:7 which reminds us to “walk by belief, not by sight,” and also James 4:8 which says, “Come close to to God and also He will come close to you.”

The beginning of the song traces ago its history from the Afrideserve to Amerihave the right to servants, who sang around walking by the Lord’s side while they were plowing the areas. The lyrics were supplemented by a songwriter called Morris, who put the song into publication after hearing a terminal porter singing the hymn.

Haggard’s version may not be the many effective one, yet he made the song his very own, and also yielded with sincerity.

The seeker

“The Seeker” was first taped by Dolly Parton in 1975. She described the song as her “talk to God.”

Reach out and lead me overview me and save me In the shelter of your treatment each day I am a seeker and you are a keeper You are a leader won’t you present me the way Hey you are a hill from which there flows a fountain So let its water wash my sins away Cause I am a seeker and you are a teacher You are a leader won’t you teach me the way

For a civilization that identify their nothingness without God, the words in this song are greatly the content of their prayer. Each day is brings the mystery of what may come next. And if we entrust everything to God, He will certainly take treatment of us. See God as a leader who directs the appropriate means and also a teacher that passionately guides you till you learn what ought to be recognized.

We’ve just touched some of Merle Haggard’s gospel arsenal. Please inspect our gospel web page for even more thorough functions around songs that uplift our spiritual state. May the excellent Lord shower His grace and also kindness upon you and also the world you care about.

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