Mechanical and electrical engineering double major

Is it worth it? My impetus to obtain right into design was analysis about fictional ones in comics such as Iron Man and Batman as a son. When I graduate I desire to go right into the field of alternative energy favor solar power or materials scientific research prefer nanotechnology or architecture awesome assets. Is/has anyone gained both degrees? What's it like?


Not specifically beneficial. I recognize I considered this briefly. There are a pair factors no one ever does it.

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before you gain to college, many kind of civilization have actually these high really hopes for just how they will perdevelop. But they don't realize the actual legwork associated to get wright here they desire to perform. It's why many children who want to be brain surgeons wind up via a business level. 5 years of schooling might sound nice now. But after 3, recognize you're just over the hump quite than on the home stretch is a large difference.

the classes don't overlap, as mentioned over. So while you're having a pain in the ass from straight time invariant units and thermodynamics, there's no method to study both at the exact same time. Tright here commonly isn't anymeans, but the majority of material in EE has a tendency to build on itself. Once you understand the transistor from a circuit perspective, when you see it on a nano level you kind of have some principle what's happening. However before, the transistor won't really help you in liquid circulation. Sorry to say. So there's gonna have to be epic time administration.

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I'm not sure what would certainly be the suggest. If you desire to acquire into solar energy, that's generally an EE point. Even though some mechanical things are designed, they don't constantly hire a discrete mechanical male because "that's the means the rules work" or something. An EE that knows how to run a CADVERTISEMENT regimen could be just fine. In terms of the bigger photo, I guess it boosts your adaptability. But you're talking around 2 fields wright here the market really can't crash. For us to not need MEs, we would have to walk almost everywhere and also not require running water anymore. For us to not require EEs, we would certainly need to write letters and also connect through homing pigeon and also execute math on paper and also such. So why the added protection? One should be more than enough for a life time.

In basic, I view too much occupational for a redundant enhancement that would be as a result of misunderstanding engineering degrees and areas.