Cody Morrison's meanmouth bass, which measured 22 inches, is the third state document of its kind from Ray Roberts because 2016.(Courtesy photo)
It was a rain-soaked Saturday morning previously this fall and also Cody Morrichild of Pilot Point was battling a poor case of cabin fever. To cure it, he made a decision to hook up to his watercraft, don some rain equipment and also head to surrounding Lake Ray Roberts to execute a little bass fishing.

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At initially, the decision to go fishing learning with even more foul weather in the foreactors didn"t seem favor a good one. Then Morrichild reeled a monster of a bass through unexplained DNA that made the drenching endure worthwhile.

"The rain started coming down pretty good around 20 minutes after I gained on the water and also it poured off and also on all morning," he sassist. "Some of my friends texted me and also told me I was out of my mind for being out tright here. It was pretty miserable, but I really didn"t have actually anything better to perform."

Morrikid sassist he fished for about three hrs and also recorded only two largemouth bass. Around 11 a.m., he took advantage of a break in the weather and also headed for the watercraft ramp. He decided to stop off at one of his sweet spots along the method -- an old hardlumber tree in around 4 feet water in the mouth of Wolf Creek.

Morrikid shelp he lofted a half-ounce white spinnerbait previous the tree and also began a slow, methodical retrieve when somepoint substantial slammed the tempt. It took some doing, yet Morrichild inevitably regulated to work the 22-inch fish to the watercraft. "It dealt with favor crazy," he sassist. "It was many fun."


Cody Morrichild of Pilot Point displays the new state record "meanmouth" bass he caught in Oct. 2018 at Lake Ray Roberts in northeastern Texas. Genetics trial and error showed the 5.96 pound fish is a hereditary cross in between a smallmouth bass and spotted bass.(Courtesy photo)

At first, Morrichild thought the fish was a huge smallmouth bass until he texted a photo to his frifinish, Adam Pels, likewise of Pilot Point. Pels looked at the picture and also told Morrikid he assumed the fish looked remarkably comparable in color and develop to a 4.9-pound "meanmouth" bass he captured at Lake Ray Roberts last April.

"Meanmouth" is a slang term offered to describe the hereditary cross that results as soon as a smallmouth bass and north (Kentucky) spotted bass share a spawning bed throughout springtime. The crossbreeds aren"t designated as a varieties of babsence bass.

Pels knew his fish was a meanmouth because genes experimentation perdeveloped by the Texas Parks and also Wildlife Department"s genes lab had actually confirmed its DNA. The fish was subsequently certified by TPWD"s Angler Recognition Program as a state-record meanmouth.

Interestingly, Pels" fish wasn"t the initially meanmouth to find a spot in Texas" document publications. It was the second. His 4.9-pounder eclipsed the previous state document of 4.68 pounds recorded in March 2016, also from Lake Ray Roberts.

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Acting on the advice of his frifinish, Morrison took his fish to Isle du Bois State Park, wbelow it weighed 5.96 pounds on a certified scale prior to it was released earlier right into the lake. Genetic analysis determined the fish was indeed a hybrid cross in between a smallmouth bass and also spotted bass. In November, the fish was officially declared the state-record meanmouth -- the third of its type out of Ray Roberts in less than 4 years.

While hybridization among bass populations is not unprevalent, what renders Morrison"s fish unexplained -- and the other two state record meanmouths before it -- is that TPWD has never before stocked smallmouth bass in Ray Roberts.

Biologists think the smallmouths were illegally presented to the lake numerous years ago, maybe by anglers that transported them tbelow from adjacent Lake Texoma. Texoma, a Texas-Oklahoma border lake, has actually abundant populations of smallmouth, largemouth and also spotted bass.

TPWD fisheries biologist Dan Bennett of Denison said hybridization is reasonably common among bass and also sunfish. Crossbreeding is generally an indication that one of the two species is low in abundance or struggling. Bennett shelp indigenous spotted bass are means even more numerous at Ray Roberts than smallmouth bass.

"I suspect these current record entries from Ray Roberts are the outcome of one spawning occasion a number of years earlier," Bennett sassist.

Brian Van Zee, TPWD inland also fisheries regional director, sassist Ray Roberts and Texoma are the just 2 Texas lakes he is conscious of where meanmouth bass have been recorded.

"But that does not suppose it is not happening in any type of lake where we have actually smallmouth bass and spotted bass," Van Zee said. "Other species of babsence bass will certainly also hybridize. We"ve documented hybridization with smallmouth bass and Guadalupe Bass. Guadalupe bass and also spotted bass will certainly also hybridize."

Texas is bass country through a rich reputation for kicking out the big ones. Occasionally, the whoppers rotate out to be hereditary freaks via unusual DNA.

Matt Williams is a freelance writer based in Nacogdoches. He deserve to be got to through e-mail at mattwillwrite4u