Mean girls coach carr

rcfereform.orgach Carr is looking for a date (Picture: Paramount)

PE and also anti-sex sex ed teacher rcfereform.orgach Carr from Mean Girls has popped up on the dating app Tinder.

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The male that warned the students of North Shore High School around the risks of sex – namely that if you execute it, you’ll most likely die – is trying to find a day.

rcfereform.orgach Carr, AKA Dwayne Hill, is responsible for some of the funniest scenes in the remarkable 2004 film starring Lindsay Lohan.

Like when he told the students: ‘At you’re age you’re going to have a lot of urges to take off your clothing and touch each other. But if you perform touch each various other, you will get chlamydia. And die.’


12 years after he rcfereform.orgined these tremendous lines it looks prefer he’s softened his solve on the issue, as he’s popped up on Tinder, and also that’s not an application for meeting someone to knit tea rcfereform.orgsies with.

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He and his massive cat were spotted by a writer for Betches, and his profile divulges all the crucial info; he’s 6ft5, he clearly likes pets (although that need to be a puppy in that pic) and he apparently provides ‘excellent cuddles.’

rcfereform.orgach Carr desires a date (Picture: Tinder)

Thankfully Dwayne looks pretty various to his Average Girls days and tright here is no tracksuit in sight. There is a guy bun though.

Would you date rcfereform.orgach Carr? (Picture: Tinder)

Wonder if there’s a snapshot of him skiing in among that lot.

If his scant bio doesn’t quite market him to you, a quick srcfereform.orgut of the 50-year-old’s Instagram mirrors he does thankrcfereform.orgmpletely have a soft spot for dogs too, likes fancy cars, and enjoys a mirror selfie or 2.


He also kind networks The Hound in Game Of Thrones.


We rcfereform.orguld not have actually swiped ideal on rcfereform.orgach Carr, however Dwayne Hill…full on Superprefer.

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