Mean girls christmas costume

One of the most memorable scenes of Typical Girls has actually got to be the Plastics" performance of "Jingle Bell Rock" in the Winter Talent Sjust how. Aside from the dance regimen (which I one day hope to memorize) I always wanted to wear a Typical Girls inspired costume that channels this specific festive look. They simply look super cute in their faux fur trimmed Santa outfits finish via cutesy hats and also long, babsence gloves. The Plastics collection some super high festive squad purposes.

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As a young teenager my friends and I loved perdeveloping in our institution concerts and also singing musical numbers and display tunes. When we saw the Plastics" rendition of "Jingle Bell Rock" we knew we had actually to attempt this catchy tune, so we borrowed some Santa style costumes from my mom"s dance college and choreographed our own program to accompany our singing. The costumes we wore were really cute; they were red sequin dresses through silver sequin collars which really suited the song. It helped that we could borrow costumes fairly than buy our very own bereason as damaged teenagers who lived off of allowances and summer tasks, tbelow was no means we can afford a cool outfit.

Now, yet, I would love to assemble a squad of my nearest and dearest gal pals and wear a costume even more similar to the Plastics" festive costumes. So in order to make my tween desires come true, here"s just how you have the right to dress choose the Plastics in their "Jingle Bell Rock" attire.

The Santa Hat


Velvet Santa Hat w/Plush Trim Party Accessory, $5.10, Amazon

The classic red and also white Santa hat is the lynch pin that holds the remainder of the outfit together. So make certain you acquire a conventional style hat to act as the key item of your look.

The Red Top


Structured Babydoll Tank, $16.47, Torrid

When picking a height to accompany your Plastics outfit, make certain it"s a bappropriate, cheery red and it has thin straps to really emulate the look.


Sofia Basic Spaghetti Strap Bodysuit, $14, Boohoo

You might even opt for a bodysuit — it provides dancing approximately a lot easier.

The White Faux Fur Trim


1 Yard White Faux Fur Trims Ribbons, $3.99, Etsy

If your height comes sans faux hair, you may have to acquire crafty. Acquisition some faux hair from your local craft keep or online and also sew it alengthy the optimal of your shirt. No good through a needle? No trouble, just usage some cloth glue rather.

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The Santa Skirt


Women"s Santa Christmas Tutu Red With White Fur Trim, $18.99, Etsy

Isn"t this the the majority of adorable, festive skirt? This marabou feather trimmed tutu is certain to make the Plastics proud — and it"s easily accessible in sizes 0 to 20.

The Bow Belt

Women"s Stylish Faux Leather Skinny Belt With Bow, $9.99, Amazon

The Plastics prove that it"s all in the details via perfectly put together accessories choose a patent, black bow belt. This particularly pretty piece is obtainable in sizes S to XL.

The Long Babsence Gloves

Long Black Gloves, $20, Etsy

You have to admit, the girls really acquired Santa Clause"s gloves down to a T with their long black pairs. IMO the crew would certainly entirely love these black gloves with a hint of sparkle in them. So grool.

The Black Heeled Boots

Truffle Collection Alice Heeled Over The Knee Boots, $76, Asos

The Plastics oozed sass in their regimen — particularly once it acquired to the part of the dance where they slapped their top thighs — so you"re going to need a pair of boots that are long, heeled, and show off some leg between the top of the boots and also your skirt.

Heel Tall Boots, $72.50, Torrid

These boots, which feature a broad width and a wide calf, are perfect for any type of plus dimension Plastics out there.

The Winter Themed False Eyelashes

Eyentice Strip Eyelashes Cool as Ice Party Lashes in "All Hail The Queen", $10.77, Feel Unique

The Plastics were constantly perfectly preened and also put together, so make sure to wear a pair of false eyelashes to exaggerate your peepers. Eylure"s Party Lashes Cool as Ice variety is a wonderful choice for an aspiring Plastic, especially this pair aptly named, "All Hail the Queen." I"m certain Regina would be a fan.

The Sparkly Lip Gloss

Carousel Gloss In "Snowsicle", $17, Lime Crime

Cady and the girls are never checked out without their lip gloss. Regina takes her pout so seriously that she won"t even let Aaron Samuels kiss her at the end of their performance! This super sparkly shade named "Snowsicle" is the herbal option for a Plastic dressed in winter wear.

Have fun making fetch take place in your cute, festive, Plastics influenced gain up!

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