Tright here are specific rites of passage in life that everyone hregarding go via, and watching "Median Girls" is one of them. From the hilarious quotes to the lovable characters, this movie has actually it all. Come on, this was prime Lindsay Lohan after all! She made eincredibly movie she remained in (even the one about a beat up Beetle car) impressive. Because watching this movie never gets old, here"s a "Mean Girls" drinking game you have the right to play via your entirety squad the next time you watch this cult timeless.

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#SpoonTip: Spoon College does not support binge drinking. So as you play this Median Girls drinking game, have actually fun, however please, drink responsibly.

Take a sip when:

-Cady has a flashearlier to Africa

-The "Plastics" are being described

-Anyone claims the word "fetch" 

-Gretchen Wieners mentions exactly how her father is the inventor of Toaster Strudel

-Glen Coco gets 4 candy canes (you go, Glen Coco)

-Amy Poehler does anything your actual mom wouldn"t execute, favor ever

-Cady becomes the brand-new leader of the "Plastics"

Finish your drink when:

-Karen declares that the girls wear pink on Wednesdays

-Regina gets puzzled around the "diet" she"s on. Also, just to clarify, butter isn"t a carb.

-Damian states, "She does not even go right here." You tell "em, King.

-Regina gets hit by the bus. Gotta love this unintended turn

Take a shot when:

-Regina claims, "Get in loser, we"re going shopping."

-Regina writes about herself in the Burn Publication. This was the greatest plot twist in movie history, may I include.

-Karen reports the weather and also states, "There"s a 30% chance it"s already raining." 

If these memories of Average Girls do not hit you in the early on 2000s feels, I don"t recognize what will. While watching this film is already fun, bringing alcohol right into the mix might just make it also more fun (if you drink responsibly). If you really think you"re the cool mom of your frifinish group, play this "Median Girls" drinking game with your Plastics and also find out! 

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Kara McKenna

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