Marin Nonprofit Resource Center is launching a new monitoring series this loss. Please sign up with us for a complimentary information session to learn more around this five-session routine which will carry out the assistance new and knowledgeable supervisors must construct encouraged, abundant, and also happy teams! This session will be organized essentially via Zoom, and organized by’s Learning & Leadership staff: Melissa Hersh, Director of Learning & Leadership, and May Congdon, Program & Advancement Assistant. We look forward to connecting through you soon.

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August 25, 9:00 am to 10:30am – FREE

As results from the pandemic proceed to flex, we check out significant transforms unfolding in what employers and employees watch as most vital in their benefit arrangement deindications, enrollment procedures, and also how services are delivered. We’ll take a look at exactly how employers are adapting to the “new normal.” Are your employees feeling safe and also valued? What are you doing, or what have actually you done, to be prepared for the next huge disruption?  


5 Sessions, digital using Zoom: September 16 – October 14, 2021, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Acceleprice your management expertise, skills and also insight. Find your monitoring road map with the Management Essentials series. Embrace your manager duty, inspire and motivate your team(s), and also develop an atmosphere where your employees can thrive. 

This five-session discovering series is designed to assistance any nonprofit skilled that manages civilization. Ideal for recently supported managers as well as managers with endure. Register below for the full package, or follow the links under each day to attend individual sessions.


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A Roadway Map To Great Managing

If you have actually remained in the workarea for a while, you have most likely had your share of excellent managers and also some not-so-good managers. Young specialists through fewer years of endure may not have had many kind of supervisors to date, yet they can certainly define the characteristics they’d like to see!

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