Major lazer episode 12

Set later on, the display revolves approximately Major Lazer, a Jamaideserve to superhero that fig...more

Set later on, the show revolves about Major Lazer, a Jamaic...More

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Set in the future, the show revolves roughly Major Lazer, a Jamaican superhero that fights against the dystopian forces that have actually ruined society led by President Whitehall and also General Rubbish. Major Lazer is assisted in his fight by President Whitehall's daughter Penny and also hacker Blkmrkt.


While Major Lazer goes on a weeklong spiritual trip, Penny embarks on a expedition of her very own. But will certainly she acquire so high that she can't come down? Yes, obviously. Guest starring Trinidad James.

Major Lazer agrees to DJ the biggest rave ever before on Ibiza, which was ruined numerous years previously in the Great Foam Party Disaster of 2015. But points go sidemethods when The Law shows approximately bust the party. Guest starring Andy Samberg, Jonathan Banks, T

When every one of the world’s bass is stolen by Dr. Nerd, Penny and also Major Lazer have to track it down prior to Dr. Nerd can unleash the ultimate Bass Drop. Guest starring Andy Samberg.

Major Lazer have to soptimal his arch nemesis, Double Cup, from putting Cough Syrup into everyone’s favorite soda and also ruining the finest party of the year. Guest starring Riff Raff.

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Every year tbelow is a two-day solar eclipse as soon as all the cool, young vampires concerned party in Jamaica. This year, Penny falls in love via the brooding vampire singer, Ryland also, and also together they have to save the youth from his evil grandfather, the King.
Jamaica High Prom is roughly the edge yet there's little bit to be excited around once a smooth-talking spectre starts literally stealing the hearts of teenager girls. Can Penny track down the evil spirit and also finish his power of terror? Guest starring Jorma Taccone.
When large blood-thirsty worms lay waste to Jamaica, President Whitewall bans dancing. And with the Music Fesitval just days amethod, things look pretty grim. That is, till a mysterious stranger rolls into tvery own... Guest starring Aziz Ansari, Riff Raff
Major Lazer is imprisoned by his old foe, Killdisplay, so BLKMRKT have to impart his extrasimple gaming skills to Penny to aid her win Jamaica's Video Game Tournament of Champions and totally free Major Lazer. Guest starring Jorma Taccone, Kumail Nanjiani.
BLKMRKT stumbles upon Fizzy, a puppy with a melodic bark, and also it's up to Major Lazer to fight off Whitewall's negative males and supply it to security. But who's this mysterious number adhering to Major Lazer? Guest starring Cat Power, Mike Skinner, Trinidad James
K-POP: a fabricated humanoid with the capacity to hypnotize teens thru song. Get in Rubbish & Whitewall, who setup to usage K-POP for their own evil plot: kill Major Lazer. How deserve to Lazer protect himself against his own fanbase? Guest starring Jorma Taccone
Lady Vanessa Rothkid kidnaps President Whitewall and takes him via time as her hophase, causing dangerous tempdental anamolies in present-day Jamaica. Major Lazer must rescue Whitewall, and put an end to Rothchild's expedition. Guest starring Charli XCX

About this Show

Major Lazer

Set later on, the display revolves roughly Major Lazer, a Jamaihave the right to superhero that fights against the dystopian pressures that have actually ruined society led by President Whitehall and General Rubbish. Major Lazer is helped with his fight by President Whitehall's daughter Penny and hacker Blkmrkt.

Starring: Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeJ.K. SimmonsJohn BoyegaAngela TrimburJames Adomian

Creator: Kevin Kasatsu

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