Major Crimes Poster Boy Full Episode

“Stabs one, clubs the various other … what’s following on the hit parade?” – Provenza

Was this week’s episode of “Major Crimes” sponsored by Apple? Since it sure seemed prefer the whole thing revolved about iPhones and also iPads. At least, they looked choose iPhones and also iPads to me. I guess they can have been other brands.

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In fact, this episode was an interesting meld of technology and murder, through cellular and also wifi tools figuring heavily right into the plot.

The story centered on a son that tried out for a reality show dubbed “Poster Boy,” and as soon as he was rejected, he finished up going on a killing spree. The initially component juxtaposed scenes of the kid killing his roommate, lugging him into the bathtub, and attempting to cut his head off. Only he was interrupted by a call from his grandmother, whom he talked to favor nothing was wrong. Then he proceeded to make a pizza. With blood on his hands.

He additionally eliminated one more girl and stuffed her right into the sofa bed, which DDA Rios – we understand how much she loves the bloody stuff – proceeded to sit on optimal of until it was identified there was a body in there. Surprise!

Frankly, I don’t know exactly how cops carry out it, managing all that carnage and then not having nightmares about it. They need to execute some super-duper one-of-a-kind training to address it.

Tbelow were a pair points I didn’t gain around the crime. The son – Brandon North (Chris Wood) – left bloody fingerprints anywhere the house, but Provenza shelp they didn’t complement up through any kind of criminal documents. But wouldn’t those prints have actually been in some database somewhere?

He also left a lock of his hair in the trash. But the team didn’t understand his name till the “Poster Boy” spreading people established he was among the rejects after seeing the security footage at the ATM machine. Couldn’t they job-related some DNA magic on that lock of hair?

He likewise told his grandma he’d simply changed from Iran, and also then we never heard anypoint else about it. That appeared like an odd throwameans renote to never before bring up again. Maybe he never saw Iran and also he was simply making it up.

Sharon hated the reality that the cops released a video clip wbelow the show’s spreading world told him he was as well brief and also not buff enough for the display. Because as Sharon shelp, all he’s interested in is being on TV, and he’ll acquire even more of that by killing more human being.

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I kbrand-new points wouldn’t go well for the girl who sent his photo to her frifinish (on an iPad!). The friend created earlier after seeing Brandon’s photo on the news, and told her he’d killed 2 civilization. Of course, the girl never before witnessed that, bereason Brandon observed it initially and also promptly killed her.

And here’s a note to criminals: don’t search for yourself or your victims on the web. The cops will certainly hunt you down! Even if you re-course it through the Netherlands. I guess Sharon wanting to serve warrants on eextremely search engine on the web was a subliminal message about the government spying on us. The Major Crimes team couldn’t access that info willy-nilly – they had actually to execute it legally and serve warrants.

Was Kris (yes, I realize I’ve been spelling it Kris and also Chris – I think it’s Kris) right to rat on Rusty about the letters? I have actually combined emotions. He told her that in confidence and also swore her to secrecy. On the other hand also, those threatening letters are nothing to play about with. I guess I’m leaning towards the side that she was appropriate to tell someone around them (if just it had actually been Sharon instead of DDA Rios!).

I’m not certain what the finishing intended, as soon as Sharon said, “Whatever happens next, know I love you,” prior to they got in the chief’s office to address the letters. So perhaps they’ll desire to put Rusty in witness security.

More stuff:

Sharon is smart. First she numbers out that Brandon went to the “Poster Boy” winner’s home, bereason his grandma said he was “a homebody.”

Then she played on his lust for fame once they were face-timing at the end (on an iPhone!). “You are renowned currently,” she shelp. “The civilization works a tiny little in a different way for well known civilization. People desire to recognize whatever about you.”

I kbrand-new he was going to kill himself, simply by just how things were going dvery own at the end. Did you guys have actually that feeling too?

Sharon felt negative that Brandon killed himself, but I’m type of with Flynn when he told her, “Namong us acquired hurt, and you spared the victim’s family members from a lengthy and nasty trial.”

What did you think about the end, wbelow we experienced the letter-writer addressing a letter to Sharon rather of Rusty? Maybe he ended up kidnapping Rusty.

That’s a wrap for this initially component of seakid two. The finale airs Nov. 25, 2013. And why in heck do they make us wait 3 months for one finale episode of the season? Or are tbelow more eps after that? IMDB states simply one ep in November.