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The Benedictine Sisters of Virginia are a vibrant monastic area of women that have actually served the civilization of Virginia for almost 150 years and who are the backbone of Saint Gertrude High School. With the Rule of Benedict and the Gospel as their guide, the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia (BSV) follow a 1500-year-old tradition. Benedictine life is focused on three core doctrines:

Living in community;Daily individual prayer and also communal prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours; andService to others.

Because 1901, the monastery in Bristow, VA, has actually served as the motherhome of the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia. However before, the sisters’ company to Catholic family members in the commonwide range can be traced back to 1868—the year they came to Richmond, Virginia from St. Marys, Pennsylvania. When the Sisters first arrived in Virginia, their primary occupational was educating young students, and they began through teaching the children of Germale immigrants in Richmond. Later, they broadened their educational minisattempt 100 miles north through the establishment of a girls’ school in Bristow.

In addition to living and praying with the Sisters throughout the routine, students had actually the chance to learn, assistance, and also serve their ministries. The focus of the ministries is on helping our the majority of vulnerable populations become self-enough and fertile. Students competent functioning through some or all of the following:

Linton Hall School, a pre-K with 8th grade Catholic college for girls and also boysThe Place of Peace ColumbariumBARN Community Homaking use of, which gives housing and assistance programs for households facing homelessness (photo, bottom right)BEACON, an adult proficiency program concentrates on helping low-income immigrants learn English (photo, height right)Benedictine Pastdental Center, which provides workshops and also spiritual direction to help individuals deepen their personal relationships via God

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“Spfinishing a week helping and offering earlier via the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia was truly an eye opening experience. Attending Saint Gertrude presented me to a couple of of the Sisters, yet the week invested with them was more than just a introduction. Although, I carry out not desire to come to be a nun, this experience opened my eyes to see the excellent each and every Sister does for the area. They are simply normal people with a calling to serve a higher good. These 29 Sisters have touched my life in more means than one. I can’t give thanks to them enough for welcoming me into their residence this summer and also offering me a institution that I was proud to graduate from.” – Madison Schmidt ’17




Saint Gertrude High School,

an independent, Catholic, college preparatory school, prepares and also inspires young woguys to answer the difficulties of their changing people.

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High School:12829 River Rd, Richmond, VA 23238

Outdoor Athletic Center: 490 Scott Roadway Richmond, VA 23227

Phone: 804.708.9500

We invite you and your family members to visit us and learn more about our extrasimple school.

To arselection a tour, student shadow endure, or attend an admission occasion, please email us at admissions
Saint Gertrude High School proactively seeks and also admits qualified young woguys of any type of race, faith, and national or ethnic beginning.

Virginia Association of Independent SchoolsAdvancED (previously Southern Association of Colleges and also Schools)

National Association of Independent SchoolsNational Catholic Education AssociationCouncil of the Growth and also Support of EducationThe National Coalition of Girls’ SchoolsNational Association for College Admission CounselorsThe Potomac and Chesapeake Association for CollegeAdmission Counseling