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The Executive Director is responsible for developing problems to enable The Nonprofit Center to successfully undertake its mission to build the capacity of nonprofit institutions and also their staff, board members and other volunteers. The executive director is responsible for the high-quality advancement, financial management and also implementation of all The Nonprofit Center programs and solutions. This is a full-time, non-academic appointment.

A. Strategic PlanningOverview the breakthrough of brand-new campaigns that are aligned with the Center’s mission and also sources and also attentive to changes in the nonprofit sectorRegular testimonial, revision, and also implementation of the strategic vision for the Center

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B. Program Growth, Oversight, Evaluation, and Quality AssuranceEncertain that all Nonprofit Center programs, solutions and also one-of-a-kind tasks are emerged, coordinated, staffed, resourced, and evaluated appropriately, and that all are both aligned with the mission of the College and the Nonprofit Center and executed in a manner continuous via The Center’s core valuesRegularly assess each routine location, both for top quality and also cost/advantage, to recognize wbelow additional resources might be required and also once a regimen revision or disextension is appropriateMaintain units to monitor Nonprofit Center programs in a timely fashion, and also trouble-shoot/problem solve as neededMaintain a mechanism to guarantee quality regulate and influence evaluation for all programs and also servicesTeach two (2) NPC courses each scholastic year (June 1-May 31)Participate as appropriate in NCOMPUTER consulting avenues in adherence to guidelinesCollaborate/Consult via colleagues in Academic Affairs and various other locations of the University for regimen advancement, facilitation, and evaluationEncertain proper and also adequate staff to deliver on routine goals
C. Reresource Development and Financial ManagementEnsure the timely manufacturing of an yearly budget and also monitor and also reconcile budgets regularlyEnsure timely handling of accounts payable and also receivable, in accordance with College policies and proceduresDevelop sound fiscal protocols to assistance the sustaincapacity of The Nonprofit CenterEnsure that earned income is created from programs and solutions while keeping competitive fees that are accessible to the client base of The Nonprofit CenterConsult via Advancement to cultivate relationships through organizations and individuals to build capacity for contractual work-related, grants, and also docountries, in accordance via the annual budobtain and also University policiesFile precise and timely reports to donors
D. StaffingRegularly assess the personnel needs of The Nonprofit Center and propose and advocate for essential adjustments and also changesOverview processes to supervise, build and also appraise all Nonprofit Center employees on an annual basisMonitor equity and competitiveness of salaries for all Center employees
E. Customer Service, Marketing, Evaluation/Quality AssuranceEnsure the provision of high top quality customer organization, through continuous customer company enhancement, top quality regulate procedures, and also industry research/evaluationOvercheck out the advancement and implementation of marketing and promotional plans for all programs and also collaborate/consult through colleagues in Marketing and Communications to construct and also prepare marketing and also promotional materialsEnsure that The Nonprofit Center is stood for professionally to targeted constituents, locally and regionallyBe the face and voice of The Nonprofit Center for both interior and also external stakeholders