The Department of Religious Studies at College philosophies religion as an international and also pluralistic phenomenon. We understand the research of faith as an essential element in the bigger examine of culture and also background. We consider the research of faith to be inherently trans-disciplinary and a essential component for intersocial proficiency and also, as such, necessary to the liberal art curriculum. Our purposes encompass helping students to acknowledge and also examine the vital role of religious beliefs in history and also the modern world; to discover the wide range of religious believed and also practice, past and also present; to build approaches for the scholastic study of specific faiths and also religion in comparative perspective; and also to develop the necessary abilities to contribute to the ongoing discussion of the nature and also role of religious beliefs.

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Since the phenomena that we collectively speak to ‘religion” are so varied, it is appropriate that they be stupassed away from a range of theoretical perspectives and also through a range of approaches. The diversity of areas of field of expertise and philosophies to the study of religion among our faculty members ensures the depiction of many kind of approaches. Our courses investigate the place of religion in miscellaneous cultures in light of social, political, financial, thoughtful, mental and artistic inquiries. In our courses we emphadimension job-related with main resources, both textual and also non-textual. We sell courses in Judaism, Christianity, Religions of the Americas, Islam, Buddhism, South Oriental religious beliefs, and East Asian religious beliefs as well as comparative courses on a range of themes ranging from the atmosphere to issues of peace and also social justice. Our students are motivated to research appropriate languperiods, and to spfinish at leastern component of their junior year awide in an area of the world appropriate to their particular interests. We additionally encourage religious studies majors to take appropriate courses in other departments. The Department of Religious Studies maintains cshed relationships via interdisciplinary programs such as Eastern, American Studies, and Afrihave the right to Diaspora Studies, International Studies and Women’s and also Gender Studies. Our courses need no commitment to a details faith. However before, students of any kind of background, secular or spiritual, can benefit from the individual concerns of meaning and also objective that arise in eexceptionally location of the topic.

Learning Goals

To present students to the basic ideas and also problems in the scholastic examine of religious beliefs.To aid students construct a simple familiarity via and also an appreciation for the diversity of religious traditions.To offer students a sense of just how religious beliefs is related to the existential troubles that people challenge, and also just how human being fashion answers to these troubles based upon their understanding of the nature of the people.To carry out students via an understanding of the interactive relationship in between faith and also culture, i.e., just how faith is pertained to politics, course, sex and also race worries.To offer students an appreciation for various spiritual traditions and also help them to think empathetically and also critically around these traditions as well as the phenomenon of faith in its entirety.To encourage students to think about the social, political, and social effects of religious techniques and also worldviews, especially as these relate to problems of justice and various other aspects of humale partnership.

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Our senior caprock is composed of a number of parts: a seminar, a record composed exterior of the seminar, an objective exam and also, finally, discussion of the senior caprock records in little teams of faculty and students (the symposium).


We looked for well-articulated esclaims that addressed a topic in spiritual studies with originality and also imagination. We likewise evaluated each student’s capacity to raise important and also helpful concerns about the topics extended in the papers of other students. We assess students’ capability to grasp, retain and also respeak to information around vital principles and also facts main to spiritual research studies in general and also specific heritages and worries. We encourage and also evaluate students’ capacity to interact verbally their understanding and crucial reflections on spiritual topics or issues.

When all of this is completed, we meet through our senior majors to talk about the procedure. Together we resolve any type of transforms that they propose and any kind of adjustments to our senior caprock that we are considering.