: not performed or kept for the function of making a profit a nonprofit company a nonprofit research study facility
a nonprofit team that offers treatment to reextending drug addicts Schools do not pay sales taxes on provides because they have nonprofit standing.

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Recent Examples on the Web Money elevated from Seal Beach’s sale was being donated to the Trevor Project, a nonprofit focused on suicide avoidance in the LGBTQ neighborhood. — Priscella Vega, Los Angeles Times, 26 July 2021 Neither journalists nor members of the public might number out that was behind the payments bereason they were funneled greatly through a nonprofit called Generation Now, covertly regulated by Householder. — Laura Hancock, cleveland, 26 July 2021 In enhancement to his ANC job-related, Castón will take on a job upon his release as a consultant functioning through the Justice Policy Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to recreating the justice system. — Washington Post, 25 July 2021 Trey Graykid, a Republideserve to and also previous Kentucky Secretary of State, co-created a current report on the Arizona audit for the States United Democracy Center, a nonprofit concentrated on fair and secure elections. — Bob Ortega, CNN, 23 July 2021 Pre-pandemic, Jennifer Ashley had actually been working at a nonprofit referred to as Leaders In Training, or LIT.

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— Samantha Laine Perfas, The Christian Science Monitor, 23 July 2021 Project New Village is a nonprofit dedicated to removing barriers in these neighborhoods that impede access to nutritious foodstuffs. — San Diego Union-Tribune, 23 July 2021 Dorchester Bay chief executive Perry Newman said his organization — which itself is a nonprofit — likewise required to keep present through lenders, which restricted the concessions Dorchester Bay can sell for rent. —, 22 July 2021 His Sunfreduced Landscaping obtained an increase in 2019 through the aid of Inmates to Entrepreneurs, a national nonprofit assisting human being through criminal backgrounds by giving practical entrepreneurship education and learning. — Aaron Morriboy, Anchorage Daily News, 22 July 2021

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