About CARR

In early 2009, Ms. Murphy began reviewing RCFE public records maintained at the local offices of Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD). As she collected data, she made two observations: 

(1) Having been through the process of placing her mother in a local RCFE several years earlier, she realized that if she would have had access to the information she was seeing in the public file, her placement decision may have been different; and

(2) she recognized the process for requesting and obtaining the public documents for any given RCFE was cumbersome and lengthy.  She also found the file documents to be unfamiliar, without context and therefore, difficult to understand.  

From these observations, the idea emerged: A website allowing immediate access to a facility’s public documents, thereby eliminating the state's cumbersome request-and-return policy, and an organization that offers essential, unbiased information for the consumer of long-term care.  

Since 2009 CARR is incorporated as a California public benefit corporation, in good standing. In January 2011, CARR received its designation by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 Public Charity.

While CARR was the first organization in California to publish RCFE records online, California's Department of Social Services now does so.  CARR continues to harvest the public records, however, for research and analysis purposes and to inform their outreach and reform efforts.  

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