Major Organization II is a TV display that first aired in 1970 .

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Major Organization II ended in 1970.

It features James G. Robinboy as producer, Michel Colombier in charge of musical score, and also Victor Hammer as head of cinematography.

Major Organization II is taped in English and initially aired in United States. Each episode of Major Organization II is 105 minutes long. Major Organization II is spread by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: James Gammon as Lou Brvery own, Tom Berenger as Jake Taylor, Bob Uecker as Harry Doyle, Eric Bruskotter as Rube Baker, Corbin Bernsen as Roger Dorn, David Keith as Jack Parkmale, Omar Epps as Willie Mays Hayes, Margaret Whitton as Rachel Phelps, Takaaki Ishibashi as Tanaka, Dennis Haysbert as Cerrano, Michelle Burke as Nikki Reese, Charlie Sheen as Vic, and Aliboy Doody as Rebecca Flannery.

Major League II Quotes

Bob Uecker as Harry Doyle

(Bob Uecker) "Well fans, Roger Dorn has actually done a tiny redecorating roughly the ballpark. The outarea walls now look favor the yellow peras. And any of you folks having trouble finding a great proctologist, might want to come down here and also examine out the area roughly the 375 foot sign. As for the game, we"ve obtained a real nailbiter right here tonight. It"s a lot closer than that 11-2 score." (Bob Uecker) "And look at this. Willie Mays Hayes is calling his swarm." (Johnny) "All best Willie. Right below." (Eric Bruskotter) "What"s he pointing at? Does he recognize somebody out tbelow." (Bob Uecker) "Hayes actions in and gets his pitch. There"s a swing and also it"s going toward left. And it is --" (Bob Uecker) "Not rather gone." (Omar Epps) "That had to be the wind." (Johnny) "It need to have actually been the wind." (Bob Uecker) "Hello, Tribe fans, welcome to Major Organization Basesphere -- sort of. The attendance today is 14 hundred and also 12. Many of them left after that 10 run inning the Red Sox put up. Take over Monty, I"m in the bag." (Monte) "Fly round -- Caught." (Bob Uecker) "Well he"s gonna walk Beck to pitch to Parkguy obviously Taylor"s thinking -- I do not know WHAT the hell he"s reasoning." (Bob Uecker) "Well, The Indians have actually a runner. I think I"ll wet my pants." (Bob Uecker) "You understand I offered to hate Parkmale once he was via the A"s. It"s impressive just how a brand-new unicreate deserve to readjust your mindset about a man." (Bob Uecker) "He"s still a dick." (Bob Uecker) "So a difficult loss for the Indians as Pedro Cerrano doubles off a pigeon and is tagged out while administering CPR prior to the tying run might score. Funny game ain"t it Monty?" (Monte) "Well at leastern the bird made it through." (Bob Uecker) "Who cares? It"s a rat via wings." (Bob Uecker) "Hello everybody. Harry Doyle here, welcoming all you Wahoo maniacs to the year"s initially session of Tribe Talk. As you understand, the Indians had a Cinderella season last year. Regardless of the reality that toxic owner Rachel Phelps wanted the team to lose so she might move it to Florida, the Indians won the American Organization East for the initially time because divisional play started. Rachel"s gone currently, say thanks to God, having marketed the team to reworn down Indian 3rd baseguy Roger Dorn, after a long, tough combated series of negotiations." (Corbin Bernsen) "Mmcould be willing to go as high as a hundred." (Margaret Whitton) "120." (Corbin Bernsen) "120? Rachel, you simply began at 110." (Margaret Whitton) "130." (Corbin Bernsen) "Rachel, this isn"t fair." (Margaret Whitton) "140." (Corbin Bernsen) "130." (Margaret Whitton) "150." (Corbin Bernsen) "We"ll take it." (Margaret Whitton) "Oooh, you"re good Dorn." (Bob Uecker) "Even with Dorn in the owner"s box, the Indians are solid favorites to repeat in the East, and to go all the means to the World Series. And why not? Look at the lineup we have actually coming back. First of all, the Cuban Crusher, the voodoo man via a negative mindset, Pedro Cerrano. Even though his training methods were a little inexplicable, Pedro finiburned in the height 5 in homers, RBI"s, slugging portion and total baldness. Also earlier is centerfielder Willie May Hayes, that came out of nowbelow to lead the league in excellent catches and stolen bases. We"re told he starred in an activity movie during the offseakid, wbelow he not only did his own stunts, however even his own acting. And don"t forget about catcher and also team leader Jake Taylor. Despite chronic knee difficulties he had a fine seaboy, and beat out the bunt that drove in the run that won the department title. And ultimately one of the brightest young stars in the game now, Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn. Vaughn started the seaboy in the unicreate of the California Penal Organization and also had actually some regulate troubles beforehand. But via the aid of a pair of black hornrims, he went on to set a Major League document for strikeouts in a seaboy by an ex-carcy. All in all, things couldn"t be looking better for the Tribe." (Bob Uecker) "He"ll need a rocket up his ass to capture that one; that baby"s out of right here." (Bob Uecker) "Cerrano doing some exciting limbering up exercises in best." (Bob Uecker) "What a pansy." (Bob Uecker) "Here"s a fly round hit to ideal. Easy play for Cerrano, under it now, and also makes the catch --" (Bob Uecker) "No, that sphere is off his glove and also outta right here. So credit Cerrano through an RBI, and that play can be a finalist in the Trojan-Enz Boner of the Week Award." (Bob Uecker) "Hello, fans. Welcome earlier to significant league basesphere, kind of. Today"s attendence is --" (Bob Uecker) "1,214. Many of them left after the 10-run inning the red Sox put up, take over Monte, I"m in the bag." (Monte) "Me?" (Monte) "Fly sphere," (Monte) "captured." (Monte) "Hey, wake up." (Bob Uecker) "What? My god. the Indians are showing signs of life in weeks." (Bob Uecker) "It appears that Willie Mays Hayes is trying to hit Vaughn, who blames him, everybody else in the league does." (Bob Uecker) "Vaughn is hanging his left a tiny low, this could hurt him in the later on rounds." (Bob Uecker) "Tribe fans, we"re one out away from our second consecutive divisional title. Rick Vaughn has gone 3 and 2 to Mel Koskie. Here"s the pitch. Ball 4, and he walked him. That"s going to carry the tying run to the plate for the Toronto Blue Jays. A bit excitement right here at the finish. I recognize I wouldn"t have actually it any other means, and I"m sure you folks feel the very same." (Bob Uecker) "So, Hiroshi "Kamikaze" Tanaka, newly of the Tokyo Giants, knocks himself cold for the second time this week. Maybe in Japan, that"s actually better than capturing the round. Personally, I think he"s simply trying to obtain out of the lineup." (Bob Uecker) "My God. Good news fans, the Indians are reflecting indications of life for the initially time in weeks. As a issue of fact they appear to be beating the crap out of each other. It looks prefer Willie Hayes is trying to hit Rick Vaughn, and why not, everyone else in the league does. Hayes swings and also misses. I do not recognize Monte, it looks prefer Vaughn is transporting his left a tiny low. This can hurt him in the later rounds." (Bob Uecker) "We"re in the peak of the nine inning leading 10-7, bases loaded, 2 dvery own, and also Rick Vaughn has come on to try to nail it down versus Felipe Aguilar, a dangerous right-handed batter. Here"s the pitch." (Bob Uecker) "Aww, shit." (Charlie Sheen) "No. No. No." (Bob Uecker) "If that"s not Shaquille O"Neal in left, that baby"s outta below." (Johnny) "NO. You rotten bums. You overphelp weenies. Mild thing, you make my butt sting. I detest you. You"re all garbage. All of ya. Back up the truck. Back it up." (Bob Uecker) "You recognize, he can be pointing at the left fielder."

Tom Berenger as Jake Taylor

(Tom Berenger) "Rube, you look at Playboy all the moment, don"t you?" (Eric Bruskotter) "I don"t simply look at it. I review the articles." (Tom Berenger) "Sure you do." (Eric Bruskotter) "I carry out. I especially favor it as soon as they mention the girls" interests, favor Betsy loves surfing." (Tom Berenger) "You even memorize them?" (Eric Bruskotter) "Yep. I guess I do." (Tom Berenger) "Bingo." (Tom Berenger) "You know, Rick, I might need to use you tomorrow in the late innings. Pitching staff"s pretty overoperated." (Rick Vaughn) "Yeah. So? I"ll be ready." (Tom Berenger) "Ready, huh? Ready to what? Run and also hide if the game"s on the line?" (Rick Vaughn) "I don"t get it, Jake. What"s your problem?" (Tom Berenger) "You"re the trouble. You supplied to be the toughest male on this team. Now you"re trying to prop yourself up with the appropriate woman or the right shrink or God knows what else. You want to be a major league pitcher? You need to find somepoint in yourself that yours and nobody else"s. You had actually that as soon as, Rick. And if I were you, I spend the remainder of the night trying to uncover it aget.

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Without it, you"re no great to me or the team." (Rick Vaughn) "What an asshole. What an remarkable asshole. I assumed he was my friend. Why is everybody so endangered by me improving myself?" (Rick Vaughn) "What an asshole." (Tom Berenger) "Say Parkmale, I simply want to say that even though we"re competing for the same position, I"m glad they signed you. You"re an excellent round player." (David Keith) "Cut the crap, Taylor. I do not choose you and you do not favor me. Just do not blame your bum knees as soon as I take your job." (Tom Berenger) "Hey, you"re lookin" great, Lou." (James Gammon) "Forgain around me. I"m fine. You gotta talk to the team, Jake. Give "em hell. Let "em recognize they"re too damn good to roll over and also play dead." (Tom Berenger) "Will do, Skip. And, hey, we"ll win this one for you." (James Gammon) "Hey, Taylor." (James Gammon) "Promise me one point." (Tom Berenger) "Sure. What?" (James Gammon) "When you talk to the team, don"t offer "em among them "let"s win one for Lou" corny speeches. I couldn"t stand also that." (Tom Berenger) "Hayes, go run for Rube." (Omar Epps) "My leg"s hurtin"." (Corbin Bernsen) "I"ll run." (Tom Berenger) "Rube"s hurting worse than you. Now get in tbelow." (Omar Epps) "If the gutmuch less wonder does not have to pitch than why must I have to run?" (Rick Vaughn) "Who are you calling a gutless wonder, tin man?" (Omar Epps) "Tin man?" (Omar Epps) "I gained a genuine leg injury here, pal." (Rick Vaughn) "And that limp is the ideal acting you"ve done all year." (Omar Epps) "Well at least I do not have actually some cover girl dragging me approximately by my johnson." (Tom Berenger) "Rube, what"s going with your head just prior to you throw the sphere back to the pitcher?" (Eric Bruskotter) "I"m thinking, "Damn, I do not desire to screw this up."" (Tom Berenger) "Well, what are you reasoning as soon as you throw a strike to nail the runner down at second base?" (Eric Bruskotter) "Well, I, I"m not thinking nothing. I simply throw it." (Tom Berenger) "You view what I"m getting at?" (Eric Bruskotter) "You want the pitcher to pitch from second base?" (Tom Berenger) "Oooogh." (Tom Berenger) "Hey, didn"t I tell you to go to the bullpen." (Rick Vaughn) "We"re down by 10 runs, Jake." (Tom Berenger) "Well you can still get some job-related in." (Rick Vaughn) "I"ve had sufficient of that maniac out tright here." (Tom Berenger) "Hayes, go run for Rube." (Omar Epps) "My legs hurtin"." (Corbin Bernsen) "I"ll run." (Tom Berenger) "Rube"s hurting worse than you. Now get in there." (Omar Epps) "The Gutmuch less Wonder does not need to pitch. Why should I have to run?" (Rick Vaughn) "Who you calling a Gutless Wonder, Tin Man?" (Omar Epps) "Tin Man? I got genuine leg injury right here, pal." (Rick Vaughn) "That limp is the best acting you"ve done all year." (Omar Epps) "Well at leastern I don"t have actually some Cover Girl dragging me about by my Johnboy."

David Keith as Jack Parkguy

(David Keith) "Welcome to the Bug Leagues, Hayseed. Next off time, do not stand also on the tracks as soon as the train"s coming with." (David Keith) "I"m the only winner on this team. The rest of "em, they"re losers. Either by choice, or by birth." (David Keith) "Ooh, should be hard to be old." (David Keith) "What do you call that garbage?" (Rick Vaughn) "It"s my eliminator. I"ve gained another pitch. You obtain a piece of it, I"ll let you name it." (David Keith) "I"d, uh, speak to it the masturbator."

Takaaki Ishibashi as Tanaka

(Takaaki Ishibashi) "You understand, you have actually no -- you have no --" (Takaaki Ishibashi) "Marbles." (Dennis Haysbert) "Marbles?" (Takaaki Ishibashi) "Marbles. You have no marbles." (Dennis Haysbert) "Marbles?" (Dennis Haysbert) "Huevos?" (Takaaki Ishibashi) "Let"s beat their brains in." (Takaaki Ishibashi) "Miss Phelps." (Takaaki Ishibashi) "May you be mounted by a rabid dog. You"re lower than rat excrement." (Takaaki Ishibashi) "Miss Phelps." (Takaaki Ishibashi) "May you be installed by a rabid dog. You"re reduced than rat excrement."

James Gammon as Lou Brown

(James Gammon) "OK, we won a game yesterday. If we win this day, it"s referred to as "two in a row". And if we win aobtain tomorrow, it"s referred to as a "winning streak" -- It has happened prior to." (James Gammon) "Now we"re starting to roll, boys." (Lou"s Nurse) "Are you alright, Mr. Brown?" (James Gammon) "Uh, yeah. I love this British stuff." (James Gammon) "Damn." (James Gammon) "This is tragic stuff." (James Gammon) "Good one, Pedro. Big knock, baby. Big knock" (Lou"s Nurse) "Mr. Brown. What are you doing?" (James Gammon) "I love this shit, I may relocate to England" (James Gammon) "Come on, you"re not going to let her obtain you down, are you? You guys won last year just to spite her. Maybe, she"s what we require." (Tom Berenger) "Oh, Skip, they were a various team last year." (James Gammon) "Taylor, it"s not your task to make excsupplies. That"s all you males perform good. It"s either a leg point or a spiroutine point, or a mental point, or a heart strike." (Tom Berenger) "Who offered heart attack?" (James Gammon) "Me." (James Gammon) "Parkguy, I experienced your little bit interwatch in this morning"s paper. You"re benched for two games and if you ever before rip any of your teammates choose that," (David Keith) "Save your breath." (James Gammon) "What did you just say?" (David Keith) "You oughta listen to the radio more, Lou. Your best gun simply gained traded to Chicago. As a matter of truth, your just gun. Au revoir." (James Gammon) "How can you market my finest player without asking me?" (Corbin Bernsen) "I"m on my ass, tapped out. I"m also going to be able to make following month"s payroll." (James Gammon) "Geez." (Corbin Bernsen) "But I didn"t sell Parkmale outright. I gained you an outfielder. He used to play for the Giants." (James Gammon) "Franklin?" (Corbin Bernsen) "Not those Giants."

Eric Bruskotter as Rube Baker

(Eric Bruskotter) "They"re going to sfinish me back to Omaha and I do not even live there." (Eric Bruskotter) "Mr. Parkman, you"re a good round player, yet I desire to say, that you"re standing on the tracks and the train"s is about to come via, bonehead." (Eric Bruskotter) "When the hard gain goin", go an" obtain challenging." (Eric Bruskotter) "Hey. Ya recognize Ricky, breaking up through a girlfrifinish deserve to be a really painful thing. But it don"t have to save ya down for lengthy. I suppose, let me tell ya something from my own personal experience. I"ve never before had actually a regular girlfriend choose you, however I did obtain kicked in the balls once by a mule. Now, I believed I would certainly be hurting for the rest of my life. But you know what occurred the extremely following week?" (Rick Vaughn) "What?" (Eric Bruskotter) "My momma died. Hell, after that, I didn"t care no even more around my balls hurtin". You see what I"m gettin" at?" (Eric Bruskotter) "My momma always shelp, "It"s better to eat shit than to not eat at all."" (Eric Bruskotter) "Mr. Parkguy, you"re a good ballplayer and I simply choose to say, your standing on the tracks and also the train"s coming via, butthead." (Eric Bruskotter) "Hey, Cerrano. I"m on the rooster." (Eric Bruskotter) "Women: you can"t live through them, and they can not pee standing up."

Omar Epps as Willie Mays Hayes

(Omar Epps) "That spot didn"t present the actual dramatic components, like when they kill my boa constrictor and I vow revenge." (Tom Berenger) "Oh." (Omar Epps) "Lucky kid of a gun. At leastern you ain"t gotta hang about to play the second game, right?" (Eric Bruskotter) "Hey, Willie. Willie. I can not believe you sassist that. Shit. I talked to a boy in the bleachers the various other day who hails from downtown. He told me the many grass he"s ever before viewed in his whole life is the patch that we gain to play on everyday." (Eric Bruskotter) "We"re in the goldarn significant leagues, boys. I do not know about any type of of you, but I"ve been waiting my entirety life to obtain right here. And I"ll be damned if I"m gonna act like my ideal pig passed away simply cuz we ain"t doin" so excellent. I love to play baseball and also I"ll bet, somewbelow alengthy the line, you all did too." (Eric Bruskotter) "I"m all set to play round if you require me. My Dad figured I wouldn"t amount to much except -- well, I never before came up through anypoint, however I understand I have the right to play ball a small. And a day of playin" round is much better than what the majority of people need to do for a living. So simply put me in somearea." (Omar Epps) "Told you I wasn"t gonna slide." (David Keith) "You obtained a long way to go peckerhead" (Omar Epps) "That"s Mr. Peckerhead to you, PAL."

Michelle Burke as Nikki Reese

(Rick Vaughn) "Oh, yeah? Name one park in America that ball wouldn"t have gone out of." (Michelle Burke) "Yellowstone." (Michelle Burke) "He"s afraid of his fastround." (David Keith) "He"s screwed." (Johnny) "You"re screwed Vaughn." (Takaaki Ishibashi) "He"s dicked."

Alichild Doody as Rebecca Flannery

(Alison Doody) "You were so wonderful out tbelow, Rick. The General Cereals reps are right here." (Suit #1) "Great game, Rick. We"d prefer to offer you a 3 year --" (Rick Vaughn) "Sorry, fellas, but you gained the wrong guy. I"m sure you make a great grain, but I like my hair the way it is. I do not get up in time to eat breakrapid anymeans." (Aliboy Doody) "Rick, what are you saying?" (Rick Vaughn) "You"re an excellent gal, Flannery. Much too excellent for me. Take a hike."

Dennis Haysbert as Cerrano

(Dennis Haysbert) "Parkmale, my excellent frifinish. How you doing?" (David Keith) "Look at the scoreboard, Buddha, I"m doing just fine." (Dennis Haysbert) "That last pitch man: that was beautiful." (Dennis Haysbert) "Not as beautiful as that though." (Dennis Haysbert) "Look. At. The. Scoreboard. Now, Grasshopper."

Corbin Bernsen as Roger Dorn

(Corbin Bernsen) "As General Manager of this team, I demand also to recognize when I"m getting a begin." (Tom Berenger) "There"s an old timer"s game coming shortly."

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