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Many kind of so-called energetic listening approaches carry out simply the oppowebsite of what they"re meant to execute. This video reveals the secrets of listening through the intent to understand also rather than with the intent to respond. Benefits: Improves listening skillsReduces misunderstandingsHelps world understand and appreciate one an additional

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I Know Just What You Mean

Run time: 20 Minutes

Part of the Covey Leadership Library Set
Introduced and also summarized by Dr. Stephen R. Covey, this video and workshop present just how basic it is for us to think we"re listening to one more perchild as soon as we"re really not. And, by mirroring how conveniently world have the right to jump to conclusions, it underscores the important importance of diagnosing demands prior to prescribing services. Participants will certainly learn how to respond more appropriately, and boost communication all at once, by sharing: principlesattitudesabilities to better understanding Consultants: Per the producer"s terms and also conditions, you may just purchase this routine for employee training within your very own company. For even more information, please speak to us at 1-800-421-0833.

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