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Picture courtesy of I AM THAT GIRLFounded in 2008 by 2 finest friends Alexis Jones and also Emily Greener, I AM THAT GIRL is an worldwide non-profit dedicated to empowering women and “a community, a assistance system, and also a movement motivating girls to love, expush, and be that they are”.

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After Jones did a play by Eve Ensler called, The Vagina Monologues she realized her passion for public speaking and empowering girls and was determined to revolve that passion into a career. She then went on to spend four years on the road via Greener, speaking at middle colleges, high schools, colleges, institutions and also companies about her vision for I AM THAT GIRL.

When asked why Alexis Jones co-founded the non-profit, her response was as inspirational and also distinctive as the company itself, she said, “For a long time, I had a really exceptional answer to this question and also then I ate a slice of substantial ‘ol humble pie when I realized the basic truth; I started my non-profit bereason I necessary it myself, even more than anyone”.

With around 150 neighborhood chapters and also an online neighborhood of over 150,000, I AM THAT GIRL makes use of online and offline programs and also efforts to unite a neighborhood of all women to be educated, motivated and supported by other womales to come to love and accept that they are.

Jones expressed that the inspiration for beginning the company really came from her mom, Claludia, that she believes is the heart and also heart of the organization because she inspired her to believe she might carry out anypoint.

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“I think I AM THAT GIRL is various because it’s based off an authentic sisterhood in my friendship through Emily,” Jones said. “It’s impressive to witness a default setting inside us that convinces us we are expected to be endangered by each other. It’s a difficult halittle to readjust, but Emily and also I realized that in order to authentically inspire teamwork, we had actually to BE it”.

I AM THAT GIRL strives to assist womales of all eras, faiths, ethnicities and classes to form a area together where they are collaborating to inspire one one more instead of competing with one another, to view each other as an inspiration rather of a risk.

“The really hopes for the company are to have an I AM THAT GIRL regional chapter in eincredibly major city in the people with numerous girls meeting eincredibly week,” Jones sassist. “Above all else, we hope to develop the future female leaders for country and we hope that we are doing our finest to make our civilization a much better place”.

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