Welcome to our Arizona Nonprofit Startup Guide! If you’re passionate about helping others and have actually an idea to serve your neighborhood, starting a nonprofit is an excellent way to revolve your vision into a fact. Tright here are many type of various types of nonprofits - spiritual, educational, human company oriented, animal welfare, and even more. What all nonrevenues have in widespread is a emphasis on helping others and benefiting their neighborhood. You are genuinely committed to these purposes so you are already well on your way!

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there were over 19,000 nonprofit organizations in Arizona in 2012. Before you begin a new nonprofit, make certain you have actually determined an unmet need in your neighborhood and also understand that there are not any type of existing institutions serving your cause. If an additional company exists, think about working together, as that might be a far better means to make an influence in your neighborhood and use existing sources.

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When you are all set to begin your nonprofit, plan to incorpoprice and also use for 501(c)(3) status, as these are vital steps to totally achieve your goals. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, you will certainly be able to apply for grants and accept donations, be exempt from federal corporate earnings taxation, and limit the licapacity of your organization’s officers and directors. Most importantly, you will certainly get credibility and legitimacy for your cause, instilling the public with confidence in your company.

This guide will walk you with the basic actions to start your nonprofit in Arizona. Let’s get started!

The incorporator is the perchild that indications the Articles of Incorporation for your nonprofit. You will certainly require at leastern one, but can have actually more than one. Directors make up the governing body of your nonprofit corporation and also are stakeholders in your organization’s objective and also success. You’ll want to recognize three, unrelated people to fulfill IRS requirements. You will certainly also want to be mindful of any type of age or residency needs.

Arizona director requirements: Number: minimum 1 Qualifications: An individual. No residency requirement. No membership need. Term: 1 year Quorum: majority Committee: minimum 1 director
Arizona officer requirements: Defined in articles or bylaws. One officer prepares minutes of the directors" and members" meetings and authenticates documents of the corporation. Two or even more workplaces might be held by the very same individual.

Your nonprofit’s write-ups of incorporation officially note the development of your organization. They document wright here and when the company was created and also capture other information crucial to verify its visibility. While needs for language vary from state-to-state, tbelow are some basic provisions that the IRS will look for once you use for 501(c)(3) exemption. It is essential to customize the write-ups for your company and also make sure you satisfy the state and IRS needs. Meeting these needs from the start will certainly assist avoid having to make amendments later or threat acquiring your 501(c)(3) application rejected. Some states will certainly additionally call for you to publish your short articles of incorporation, so be mindful of any kind of deadlines and publishing instructions." data-placement="auto">Form:

Articles of Incorporation - Nonprofit


Instructions C011i: Articles of Incorporation - Nonprofit Corporation

Filing Method:

Mail, in-perchild, or online.

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Agency Fee:

$40 + optional $35 expedite fee


See state-published current handling times (normally around 2 months). ~7-10 organization days for $35 expedite fee.


ARS §10-3202


A finish application package contains:

Arizona calls for new residential nonprofit corporations to publish in the county of the well-known location of organization in Arizona, within 60 days, and also for 3 consecutive publications. Nonprofits located in Pima or Maricopa county are exempt from the publishing necessity. Nonrevenues via no physical existence should publish unmuch less their registered agent is situated in Pima or Maricopa county.

The initial organizational meeting of your Board of Directors will be very abundant. At this meeting you will provide the bylaws, adopt the conflict of interemainder plan, elect directors, appoint officers, and also grant reremedies such as opening the organization’s financial institution account. Important decisions are being made so be certain to record them in the meeting minutes.

This is one more location wright here regulations differ from state to state, however many states need any type of nonprofit soliciting docountries to register to perform so on an annual basis. This implies registering in the state before soliciting any resident of that state. Registering in your home state is essential, but you may likewise need to register various other says relying on the scope of your organization.

Not required

Charitable Solicitation Registration licensure is not compelled on the State level in Arizona.

As of September 13, 2013, Arizona no much longer requires charitable solicitation fundelevating registration or rejuvenation for the majority of charities.Congressionally hired veteran"s teams might be compelled to register through the secretary of state.

You’ve made it! You turned your passion into a legitimate nonprofit corporation exempt under IRS 501(c) and also are benefiting your area. That solid structure on which you constructed your organization requires ongoing maintenance. Investing in maintaining compliance through all of the government agencies is an recurring duty and commitment needed to ensure your vision continues long into the future. Check out our compliance guide to learn more!

Once you have registered your nonprofit per the steps detailed above, you will certainly have to maintain compliance through every one of the federal government agencies. Staying existing via the IRS and state demands is an recurring responsibility. Continue analysis our Arizona nonprofit compliance guide to learn more!

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Below is an overview of the paperoccupational, price, and also time to begin an Arizona nonprofit.

Form CFCVLR: Cover sheet Form CF0041: Articles of Incorporation Form C082: Director attachment, if applicable Form C084: Incorporator attachment, if applicable Form M002: Statutory Agent Acceptance Form CF0001: Certificate of disclosure Byregulations IRS Form SS-4: Obtain an EIN IRS Form 1023: 501(c) Tax Exempt Application IRS Determination Letter Form JT-1: State Tax Registration, if applicable URS Charitable Registration, if applicable Cost Incorporation: $40 + optional $35 expedite fee Publishing of incorporation: ~$200 Arizona state taxes: $12 per license/location 501(c): $275 or $600 IRS fee Time 501(c): 2 weeks to 3 months