How To Start A Nonprofit In Hawaii

To start a nonprofit corporation in Hawaii, you need to file nonprofit articles of incorporation with the Hawaii Department of Commerce and also Consumer Affairs. You have the right to submit your nonprofit’s short articles of incorporation digital or by mail, and it costs $26 in merged fees to file (plus a $2.50 handling fee if you pay with a credit card). Once filed via the state, your write-ups of incorporation officially create your Hawaii nonprofit corporation, however truly preparing a nonprofit to go after its mission requires a number of extra procedures.

Starting a Hawaii Nonprofit Guide:


Hawaii Nonprofit Filing Options

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Downfill the Hawaii nonprofit articles of incorporation. Fill out the form and submit to the state.

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HI Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation Requirements

To incorporate a Hawaii nonprofit, you must complete and also file nonprofit write-ups of incorporation through the Hawaii Department of Commerce and also Consumer Affairs. See the record below and click on any kind of number to see what information is forced in the corresponding section.


1. Corpoprice Name

Your Hawaii nonprofit’s name can’t state or suggest that it exists for a purposes other than those allowed by Hawaii regulation or suggested in your nonprofit’s articles of incorporation, but the name does not need to include a corporate finishing (“Corporation,” “Inc.,” etc.). Your nonprofit’s name need to likewise be distinguishable from various other company entities on file via the state of Hawaii. Conduct a preliminary name search at the Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs, Company Registration Division’s webwebsite.

2. Principal Office

Include a mailing resolve for your nonprofit’s initial major area of business. When you hire Northwest, you deserve to put our Hawaii mailing resolve right here.

3. Registered Agent

Include the name, county, and Hawaii street address of your nonprofit’s Hawaii registered agent. Your registered agent is the individual or service authorized to obtain legal notices on your nonprofit’s behalf. When you hire Northwest, you’ll list our name and Hawaii street deal with here.

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4. Incorporator(s)

List the name and also attend to of at leastern one incorporator (you deserve to list even more than one if you have more). An incorporator is simply a perchild authorized to complete, sign, and also submit your posts of incorporation. Hire Northwest to develop your nonprofit, and also we’ll be your incorporator.

5. Membership

Indicate if your nonprofit will certainly or will certainly not have actually members. A member is basically an individual or company entity through the best to vote for your nonprofit’s directors.

6. Further Provisions

The form Hawaii gives for a nonprofit’s write-ups of incorporation is sensibly minimal, and it have to perform fine if you’re not seeking federal or state taxation exemptions. But if your nonprofit intends to seek 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt status, the fundamental requirements for Hawaii’s nonprofit short articles of incorporation won’t job-related for you. Instead, you’ll have to expand your posts to encompass a statement of objective and a provision governing the dissolution of your nonprofit’s assets (in instance it ever before shuts down), and also these extra provisions will must usage the particular tax-exempt language and provisions required by the IRS.

How Much Does It Cost to Incorporate a Hawaii Nonprofit?

Hawaii charges all filers at least $26 in merged fees to file nonprofit Articles of Incorporation, which has the $25 filing fee and a $1 State Archive fee. Online filing expenses an additional $2.50, and you additionally have the option to pay a $25 expedite fee to rate up the application process.

How Long Does It Take to Start a Hawaii Nonprofit?

Standard handling in Hawaii is about 10 organization days, but you have the right to rate up the procedure to about 3 service days if you pay the $25 expedite fee.

Hire Northwest to form your nonprofit, and the complete price is $253.50 for 10 day filing and $278.50 for 3 day, expedited filing. These totals include a complete year of our registered agent business, accessibility to our free nonprofit develops, and also the guidance of our expert Corpoprice Guides.

Does a Hawaii Nonprofit Need a Registered Agent?

Yes, you’re required to appoint a Hawaii registered agent to receive legal notices for your nonprofit. You deserve to apallude yourself, someone you understand, or a registered agent business, however simply keep in mind that your registered agent need to be easily accessible throughout normal service hrs at a Hawaii street address listed on your nonprofit’s short articles of incorporation. If you put down your very own residential or office attend to, expect to always have a mailbox full of junk mail, and also don’t be surprised to discover salescivilization getting here at your door.

A much better option? Hire Northwest, put our Hawaii resolve on your write-ups rather, let us do the waiting, and devote your time to controlling and thriving your nonprofit on your own terms. Need to hold an extensive meeting? No trouble. If a legal notification arrives, we’ll be there to obtain it. Need to travel? Aget, no problem. If a organization of process arrives from the state of Hawaii while you’re gone, we’ll shave the right to it and send it to you on the day we receive it.