Helps nonprofit law firm

HELPS is a nationwide 501 c charity nonprofit law firm that protects seniors and also disabled receiving federally protected social protection, pensions, discapability and also VA benefits from undesirable collector contact. HELPS additionally educates reduced earnings and poor seniors exactly how they have the right to maintain their financial self-reliance. We serve seniors and also disabled in all 50 claims. We revolve no qualified perchild ameans.

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Practice Areas: General Practice

Seniors Income is Protected From Collectors


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Eric Olsen has been an attorney for 40 years. He was the founder of among America's biggest customer bankruptcy firms. He founded HELPS in 2012 to assist seniors that did not need nor could afford to file bankruptcy in order to safeguard them from unwanted collector call.

Attfinished BYU undergraduate 1974

Law School Attended: College of Oregon 1978

Admitted to Practice Law in: Active in Oregon and also Idaho, formerly energetic in Washington, Utah, Arizona and also Texas


HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm is a nationwide nonprofit regulation firm. HELPS represents seniors and also disabled over the phone as an attorney to obtain collector contact under the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. HELPS additionally educates seniors and also disabled exactly how they can maintain their financial independence. We perform not reexisting persons in court. In the rare case that HELPS client needs to show up in court HELPS will certainly help locate a pro bono attorney to help our clients.

Number of Attorneys: 2 attorney

Spoken Languages: English and Spanish

Office Location(s): HELPS represents seniors and also disabled over the phone as an attorney to get collector contact under the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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Year Firm was Created: 2012

Firm Practices in These States: All 50 states


Pro Bono Work: Founder of HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm. HELPS is the just national law firm that represents seniors nationwide in order to defend them from undesirable collector call.

Community Service: I have actually served on multiple nonprofit boards of directors. Currently on the board of directors of Project Able and also Salem Oregon YMCA

Personal Notes: Married for 44 years, father of 8 children, including 3 adopted from Guatemala and also 17 grandkids.


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Here is an e-mail we obtained now as iI write this:

I cannot express how gratefull I am for your help.I assumed my life was hopemuch less.I was just so cshed to giving up.It was a nightmare of hell.I DON'T understand if you have the right to realize what an impact you and also your company have actually on stays of people who are bullied and disrespected by the employees of repertoire agencies. It breaks my heart to think tright here are other seniors that hid behind the walls of their very own house despeprice, alone and also fearfull.I spoke via a lady today 75 years old that had taken bankruptcy two years ago.She is on social defense and also paying over 2 hundred dollars a month with 3 hundred left to live on.I promise you I will certainly tell everyone of HELPS.YOU ARE DOING FOR ME WHAT I THOUGHT WAS IMPOSSIABLE.I am additionally from a household who fequipped and also publicly worked.As a child I remember on fridays I would certainly sit on the poarch via my hand also in an almost empty box of dried cherrios watching for my father to come house.It was pay day and also we would certainly go to buy groceries.I have the right to relate to you and your paleas.I never sat out for my life to be this way,life simply happens .Helps,is Loving thy neighbour as you would certainly thy self.Thank YOU AND YOUR STAFF FOR YOUR HEARTS OF KINDNESS AND GIVING HOPE TO THE HOPELESS. SINCERLY, WANDA H.