Hello everyone! It has been a crazy couple weeks.

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We finimelted ripping up carpets and placing down hardwoods in our living room and bedroom and painted the walls. The location looks completely different with fresh paint and also nice oak hardwoods! I am glad we finiburned up in time for one of my favorite weekends, the Head of the Charles!

I determined against going dvery own on Saturday bereason it was putting for most of the day, but I did head dvery own on Sunday bereason I was volunteering! Sunday is additionally a good day to go bereason parking is cost-free in Harvard Sq and also its the day of the Championship 4s and also 8s! This was my fifth year of volunteering. I volunteered my senior year of high college and also freshman year of college, and then the initially two years out of college. My initially 2 years we acquired long sleeve tshirts, the next two years we acquired fleeces from Nautica BUT unless you were there Friday night you gained the significant sizes so I gave those away. Brooks Brothers took over the volunteer apparel in 2009. This year they did a fantastic blue and also red down vests and also babsence hats. Love it.

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I have actually volunteered out on the docks in the previous and I have volunteered in the details booths. This year I was in the information booth ideal across from the Brooks Brothers tent at Attager Row, the retail location in between Elliot Bridge and the end up line. My fellow volunteers were excellent, all incredibly advantageous and also exciting world. Volunteers aren’t simply rowers, they come from all different backgrounds to aid this exceptional two day occasion go as smoothly as feasible.

I think that having rowed in the event two years does assist me to be a great info booth volunteer, as well as the fact that I acquired to learn just how to row on the Charles in high school. I know all the bridges, all the boatdwellings, and also the good places to watch. I have had actually some accidents out there too: I coxed a boat (the just time I ever before coxed a boat) right into the shenables on the Cambridge side by the Weeks Bridge (oops), rowed roughly in the basin in the time of what felt choose a hurricane, and also swamped a four. Swamping the 4 supposed hopping out of the boat to flip it, and also then obtaining ago in…not easy. For next year I am going to put together a HOCR guide- all the food, shopping, locations to watch, and such. It will be really fun for me to create