Greenlights For Nonprofit Success

After an in-depth strategic planning process, brand also audit and extensive stakeholder input, we’re excited to launch right into a new era as Mission Capital.

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For 14 years, Greenlights has actually focused on helping nonearnings be even more sustainable and successful, bereason nonearnings are core to addressing community troubles. Gradually, we’ve concerned realize that producing lasting social change is not around a tax standing. When we set a bold vision for our company and our community – to view our a lot of complicated community problems actually get addressed – we known that system-wide adjust cannot be completed by functioning via nonearnings alone. After an detailed strategic planning process, brand audit and considerable stakeholder input, we’re excited to launch right into a new era as Mission Capital. While the brand also, tagline and logo have changed, our commitment to the nonprofit sector remains unwavering. Mission Capital will certainly proceed to serve nonprofit organizations, in enhancement to broadened solutions to support structures, philanthropists, government sector, social enterprises and also other mission-propelled civilization and organizations looking to make a distinction in the community.

Turning impossible into possible

Wbelow others check out impossible obstacles, we check out possibility. Mission Capital provides you and also your organization through the devices and guidance required to develop lasting social adjust. We multiply the influence of mission-thrust civilization and also organizations, so that together we have the right to relocate hills.

The name “Mission Capital” combines two principles that are core to the organization’s strategy and also vision. Mission Capital will certainly serve human being that are on a mission to improve the neighborhood. The transformational change we look for will likewise take investment of capital – human, intellectual, social, political and financial capital. Mission Capital is a new develop of funding, and it’s what fuels mission-propelled establishments, nonprofit or otherwise, as they work-related to make systematic and lasting social change.

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The new logo design evokes mathematical terminology of “resolving for X,” a direct recommendation to Mission Capital’s core purpose of seeing complicated community troubles obtain solved. It invites you to fill in the blank: what concerns carry out you want to solve?

The “X” contains a Venn diagram symbolizing the function Mission Capital will play in uniting heart and also head, nonprofit specialization and also business savvy. The placement of the logo design note in the exponent place describes Mission Capital’s capability to create exponential social excellent by multiplying the impact of individual civilization and also establishments.

The brand-new tagline, “To the power of excellent,” is a play on words that recommendations the usage of the exponent in the logo design and also double definition wherein Mission Capital, as a nonprofit itself, believes in the exponential power of doing good.

A rebrand also was the herbal evolution of Greenlights in light of our existing strategic plan, mission and also vision for our community. Our strategic planning process carried about many handy insights, including that sindicate “sustaining” nonrevenues wasn’t sufficient to accomplish our bold vision of seeing to it that pressing social concerns actually get resolved. The procedure also brought up questions about our identification. Thturbulent the study and also analysis of an outside firm we heard resounding support for Greenlights. But we likewise heard that there’s a gap in Austin, and also it was time for Greenlights to action up. It was time for us to be more than “Greenlights for Nonprofit Success” given that we’re really “for community success.”

No matter the social concern you’re passionate about – education and learning, wellness, youth advance, environment, homelessness (to name a few) – complex and interlinked difficulties proceed to plague Austin. We’re not in the service of determining which concerns are “even more worthwhile.” We will certainly, but, focus our initiatives on solid, reliable institutions and also initiatives that are poised for irreversible success, and also could benefit from the sort of human and financial funding we have the right to provide. We want to see meaningful and lasting adjust in our community and also work-related with the civilization, establishments and also tasks that will make that occur.

Nonrevenues huge and also tiny are doing exceptional work and are vital in offering solutions right here in Austin. We offer a suite of solutions to satisfy these institutions wherever before they are on their journey. Our membership base is strong, growing and consists of a vast diversity of member organizations. We recognize fixing complicated neighborhood difficulties is going to be a long, tough road. You’ll check out that we’re going deeper quite than bigger. Our programs provide long-term engagements, multi-layered assistance and system-wide change, every one of which we think are important to tackling the entrenched issues facing our area.