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The Journal of Governpsychological & Nonprofit Accounting (JOGNA) will certainly be publiburned by the Government and also Nonprofit (GNP) Section of the Amerihave the right to Accounting Association. To promote timely, widespreview dissemination of ideas to the academic and exercise communities, the journal will be publiburned digital.

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The objective of JOGNA is to stimulate and report premier-high quality research study on a broad range of governmental and nonprofit bookkeeping concerns. The journal is interdisciplinary in scope and welcomes a broad variety of research traditions and philosophies.

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Volume 9,
Issue 1
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eISSN: 2155-3815

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Vaughan Radcliffe, Western College, vradcliffe

Editorial Office: JOGNA

Publications Assistant

Chelsea Matthews, American Accounting Association, chelsea.matthews

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Online Early Articles
DATA Act Dashboard: An Instructional Case Using Documents Visualization
Karen A Kitching, Eileen Coble et al.
Health Indevelopment Technology Investments, Patient Experience, and Hospital Bad Debt
Yangmei Wang, Tiankai Wang et al.
Hospital Lobbying and Performance
Yangmei Wang, Yuewu Li et al.
Integrated Business Intelligence and also Analytics: The Case of the Department of the Navy
Robert J. Eger, Christy D Smith
Internal Controls and also Operational Performance of Nonprofit Organizations
Nathan R Berglund, Mikhail Sterin
Management Accounting and also Control in the Hospital Industry: A Rewatch
Leslie G. Eldenburg, Hema A. Krishnan, Ranjani Krishnan
Constraining Managers without Owners: Governance of the Not-for-Profit Enterpclimb
Mihir A. Desai, Robert J. Yetman
Controlling for Corporate Governance in Nonprofit Research
Colleen M. Boland, Erica E. Harris, Christine M. Petrovits, Michelle H. Yetman
A Historical Evaluation of the Single Audit: Thirty Years from Initial Legislation to Unicreate Guidance
Kerri L. Tassin, Tammy R. Waymire, Christopher S. Hines

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Vaughan Radcliffe. 2019. Annual Editor"s Report. Journal of Governpsychological & Nonprofit Accounting, Vol. 8

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eISSN 2155-3815
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