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The Global Poverty Project: Celebrities Fighting Global Poverty

Many type of organizations focus on eradicating worldwide poverty, which continues to be a persistent and crucial problem. Two-thirds of the world populace lives on less than $10 per day, and one in 10 world live on less than $1.90 per day. One organization working to attend to this issue is the Global Poverty Project (GPP), which has actually partnered via various other organizations such as the World Bank and also the United Nations to create a activity aiming to eradicate global poverty by 2030. The GPP’s initiatives have actually helped boost worldwide poverty awareness, and many celebrities fighting international poverty have actually supported the cause. Here are some campaigns that the GPP has headed, together with some of the celebrities that have actually helped money them.

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The Global Citizen Festival

The Global Citizen Festival is the project’s yearly occasion, which draws over 60,000 human being in attendance and also over 20 million world tuning in using livestream. It is a music festival that raises money and awareness of international poverty issues, via the ultimate goal of removing global poverty by 2030. Through the festival platform, patrons (or “Global Citizens”) are able to learn about the reasons of international poverty, as well as the component that they have the right to play in reducing it.

In 2012, the festival assisted the GPP raise over $1.3 billion in pledges towards the fight versus poverty, in conjunction via various other charities. Music stars such as Beywhen, Lady Gaga, Shawn Mendes and Rihanna have actually all participated in Global Citizen concerts over the years, cementing their standing as celebrities fighting worldwide poverty.

Becoming a Global Citizen

Global Citizen is the GPP’s individual campaign movement that allows world to connect via both the company and also its installed area. Thunstable an app, Global Citizens are tested to make tiny actions, commitments and announcements about global poverty, which include as much as significant adjust in areas such as education and learning and sanitation. These actions come in the develop of contacting leaders and also signing petitions. The Global Citizens website additionally helps to increate people around the leading worries in worldwide poverty.

Global Citizens’ actions aid to influence plan and political leaders. Participants have taken over 25.2 million actions via the application, committed $48.4 billion to fight poverty and affected even more than 880 million lives thus much. Music artists and bands such as Clean Bandit have likewise held concerts to promote awareness and increase financial commitments to these worries.

In enhancement to musicians and artists that add to the GPP, famous actors have funded anti-poverty causes and also end up being representatives for certain worries. Idris and also Sabrina Elba have spearheaded campaigns to aid African farmers, raising awareness about the harmful effects of climate readjust. By sustaining the Elbas’ reason and also contacting human being leaders, fans are able to assist over 100 million rural farmers.

Other celebrities fighting global poverty that have actually supported GPP’s projects and added to fundincreasing incorporate The Weeknd, Usher, Bruno Mars and Janet Jackchild.

A Global Impact

Overall, the job-related of the GPP has actually impacted over 800 million stays across the civilization so far. By consisting of celebrities fighting global poverty, the GPP has actually watched astonishing results, and the organization stands prepared to aid achieve the global goal of eradicating worldwide poverty by 2030.

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The term “millennial” is one that has actually garnered some negative attention in the past decade in that many associate the generation via adjectives favor “lazy” or “entitled.” While tright here are people of all dispositions and also work values in every generation, the complying with is a list of five millennial celebrities fighting worldwide poverty and also challenging stereoforms around their age group.

5 Millennial Celebrities Fighting Global Poverty

These 5 millennial celebrities are breaking down negative stereotypes around their generation and serve as inspiring duty models for the human being as soon as it concerns reducing international poverty. These celebrities’ initiatives and generosity are transforming the resides of plenty of impoverished people approximately the world for the much better.

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Music festivals are growing in number and popularity throughout the world. The Global Citizen Festival, yet, supplies so a lot more than excellent old fashioned entertainment. Here’s exactly how this festival is mobilizing its attendees to fight versus worldwide poverty.

Who is in Charge?

The organization behind the festival is a nonprofit referred to as the Global Poverty Project. The major goal of the organization is to educate people about global poverty worries and means they can help. In 2011, the Global Poverty Project introduced the Global Citizen Campaign, which has caused a full of 14 million global-poverty-reducing actions by world across the civilization. The campaign’s ultimate mission is to finish too much poverty by 2030.

The organization is additionally well-known for launching the initially Global Citizen Festival salso years ago. The annual festival is held in New York City’s Central Park and functions a slew of famous performers such as Janet Jackson, Shawn Mendes, Cardi B and also The Weeknd. The premise of the festival may sound reminiscent of Live Aid, the 1985 “superconcert” which increased virtually $127 million in famine relief for Africa.

How to Attend

In order to acquire a ticket for the festival, potential concertgoers need to watch virtual videos around international poverty, finish quizzes on these videos and take activity by volunteering, or emailing/calling congress members. Those that achieve these jobs are rewarded via a cost-free ticket to the festival. The occasion itself is alcohol-totally free and is loaded with global-poverty related booths that sell games, photo-ops, indevelopment, and opportunities to take activity. At previous Global Citizen Festivals, people leaders have actually come on phase intermittently to educate attendees about all that have the right to be done to combat worldwide poverty in their everyday lives adhering to the music festival. In 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon were among these speakers.

The Festival’s Impact

The actions that the festival incites have resulted in the development of programs, policies and funds; the impacts of which have been felt by virtually 647 million impoverished civilization throughout the world. For instance, after receiving 4,700 tweets from Global Citizens, The Power of Nutrition (a U.K. based team of investors) committed to offering Rwanda with $35 million allocated toward finishing malnutrition in the nation. Policies and also commitments such as these which have been motivated by Global Citizens equate to more than $37 billion.

The Global Citizen Festival is a prime instance of a positive, action-oriented event via the aim of eradicating international poverty. It provides people an affordable method to fight the excellent fight, while also enjoying the talents of world-renowned performers.

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Last December, Beyoncé perdeveloped at the Global Citizen Festival in South Africa, a festival aimed at ending international poverty. The 2018 festival remained in honor of Nelkid Mandela, previous South Afrihave the right to president and activist that passed away in 2013. Over 90,000 civilization attfinished the festival, which increased $7.1 billion international. The extremely anticipated performance garnered high viewership and also engagement international, and also parts of the performance were streamed virtual. However before, this was not the beginning of Beyoncé’s charity work-related in South Africa. Her foundation, BeyGood, has actually spotlighted local establishments for years. Now, BeyGood plans to go back to South Africa twice a year to aid construct and execute its area outreach setup. In doing so, BeyGood developed the BeyGood Fellowship Program.

BeyGood Fellowship Program in South Africa

The BeyGood Fellowship Program in South Africa is being executed in partnership with Global Citizen. The 2 institutions are functioning to empower neighborhood youth in helping end world poverty by 2030. Each youth fellow receives a phelp, yearlengthy project possibility and will certainly focus on among four pillars of activity from Global Citizen: creative, campaigns, rewards or marketing.

In late March 2019, the BeyGood foundation reperceived applications and reverted from New York to Johannesburg, South Africa. Once tbelow, BeyGood representatives met through 4 fellows who have been working on the job since the Global Citizen Festival in December. They likewise met with regional partners to see how their job-related has been going and also what is required to encertain future success.

BeyGood Foundation Partnerships in South Africa

In addition to the organization’s work-related in South Africa, the BeyGood Foundation is partnering via UNICEF USA and Chime for Change on a project called Eincredibly Drop Counts, bringing clean water to Burundi. The BeyGood Foundation also functions through an company in Johannesburg, IkamvaYouth. This company aims to pull youngsters out of poverty with after-school tutoring. Founded in 2003, IkamvaYouth is youth-moved and also provides career advice and also emotional solutions. It impacts 5,000 youths per year across 15 branches.

Additionally, BeyGood is partnered via 9-year-old arts organization Lalea, whose mission is to assistance youth with after-school art programs. The company helps students manifest their desires and think creatively to accomplish their goals. BeyGood’s visits to South Africa allowed them to check in via all of these programs and also even more. More importantly, it permitted BeyGood to encertain they are engaging the communities they serve and preserve and also produce future success.

Though the BeyGood fellowship routine in South Africa is reasonably new, the company has actually repetitively functioned via various South Afrihave the right to institutions to help youth breakthrough. The regime has executed on their assures to the community. Ultimately, BeyGood is an instance of how to incorpoprice youth in the fight to finish too much poverty by 2030.

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Every year, the Global Citizen Festival blends advocacy and also entertainment in New York City and also Mumbai. In order for one to get tickets to the festival, they must “earn their tickets after taking a series of actions to result change roughly the people,” which is tracked via an app. Once a perkid has actually earned enough points via actions that benefit civilization concerns, they are then gotten in into a illustration to win tickets to the festival. The festival partners via organizations prefer UNICEF, Rainwoodland Alliance, World Food Programme and also many kind of even more.

This year, Comlpex Netfunctions and also Global Citizen released a documentary dubbed Louder Together: A Global Citizen Documentary; New York to Mumbai, which functions footage from the festival’s places in New York and Mumbai from 2016. The film concentrates on the mission of the festival as well as interviews through performers. Hugh Jackmale is the narrator (and also also an executive producer) for the documentary, which features artists choose Coldplay and also Rihanna.

Louder Together delves right into just how Global Citizen had the ability to take its festival from Central Park all the way to Mumbai, a city on the other side of the globe. People from India have the right to be watched in the trailer stating exactly how this occasion deserve to assist adjust the minds of young world, which subsequently changes the nation.

The CEO of Global Citizen, Hugh Evans, poignantly remarked that the festival “transformed their cities into arenas of advocacy in the fight to finish extreme poverty.” This festival brought human being from all walks of life and from anywhere the human being to end up being louder together around concerns that influence them. Global Citizen has actually just existed for six years, but it continues to flourish, as evidenced by its expansion into new nations, cultures and medias.

Louder With Each Other is being streamed for cost-free on Go90, a streaming company. The documentary is a great way for people to learn about the reasons that Global Citizen supporters for, and also how the arts can be used to both entertain and educate people. Louder Together is a shining instance of the way citizens and also celebrities can come together to aid readjust the human being.

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The Global Citizen Festival introduced in 2012 as part of the Global Poverty Project, established by Hugh Evans and Simon Moss. The movement is based on an digital platdevelop and mobile application that makes use of the power of education, communications, advocacy, campaigning and the media to take action against too much poverty. The Global Poverty Project partners via other establishments such as UNICEF, OXFAM, ONE, Save the Children, The Global Fund and even more.

The result of last year’s festival was 1.3 million online actions taken, leading to 44 commitments and also announcements. Incorporated, these announcements are worth $1.9 billion and can affect 199 million civilization, just from the Global Citizen Festival of 2016 campaign. Commitments have actually not just been made by U.S. suppliers such as Walmart, UPS and Johnson & Johnkid however additionally by nations such as the Netherlands and also Canada.

With more than 60,000 participants attfinishing the first festival on the Great Lawn in Central Park, the event quickly came to be renowned. In 2016, the performance lineup included Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Kendrick Lamar and Metallica. Tright here were additionally unique guests prefer Coldplay’s Chris Martin. The band also headlined the previous year and also Martin is the current Global Citizen Festival curator.

The festival is complimentary, however spectators cannot just attend. Instead, fans should connect via projects in order to win Global Citizen Festival spots. Activists can accumulate points that act as money to bid on tickets to the Global Citizen Festival and other live occasions. The restriction is that only current project points have the right to be supplied during each project.

For the upcoming July Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany kind of, the organizers plan on handing out 9,000 totally free tickets to the show to world who authorize up and also pledge action.

“In bringing the Global Citizen Festival to Germany for the first time, we are calling on the G20 to take action and obligation for relocating forward on the Global Goals,” Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans shelp.

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By the end of the year, the Millennial generation is projected to outgrow the Baby Boomer generation in the U.S., being predicted to thrive to 75.3 million. Their big numbers will become essential to helping end excessive poverty by 2030.

Because 1980, the world has made the unmatched development about extreme poverty–cutting excessive poverty in half from 43 percent in 1990 to fewer than 20 percent this particular day.

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Even through this upward progression, over 1 billion world worldwide experience from extreme poverty, living on much less than $1.25 per day. To make measures towards ending extreme poverty by 2030, 188 nations agreed to the UN’s purposes at the World Bank Meetings in 2013.

If Millennials about the civilization affix themselves with social media and also various other events, this goal will end up being possible. As the initially generation to have complete access to modern technology at a young age, Millennials deserve to spark a conversation and voice their comes to using social media.

While social media is useful in the fight to eradicate too much poverty, occasions and festivals are taking place roughly the country to obtain the generation connected in the project.

On April 10, 2014, Global Citizen partnered with the World Bank Youth Network-related to host End Poverty 2030: Millennials take on the obstacle in Washington, D.C. The event focused on the vital function Millennials play in the fight to stop extreme poverty, even featuring a brief film created by award-winning film writer and also director Ricdifficult Curtis.

Over 1,000 human being, including Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, attfinished the event while thousands more watched the event virtual. During the occasion, Ki-moon had actually a couple of encouraging words for the generation.

“I understand that your generation deserve to break this vicious cycle of extreme poverty, and also I count on your solid engagement,” Ki-moon shelp.

More awareness for extreme poverty deserve to be discovered at the Global Citizens Festival on Sept. 26 in Central Park. The music festival will incorporate superstars Pearl Jam, Beyoncé, Coldplay and also Ed Sheeran, with even more to be announced on the festival’s website.

This year in order to buy a ticket, potential buyers are encouraged to finish the Eight Global Steps before entering their name right into a raffle device. Some of these procedures include tweeting the UN’s Global Goals or signing a petition to bring awareness to the Global Food Security Act.

Due to the fact that the festival’s inception in 2011, $1.3 billion has actually been raised to support excessive poverty.

As festivals and also occasions proceed to be arranged and also geared in the direction of Millennials, there is hope to finish extreme poverty by 2030.

Alexandra Korman

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H&M is recognized for giving fashionable and affordable styles for guys, woguys and youngsters. However before, the Swedish apparel store chain additionally does its component to promote sustainability across the people. That’s appropriate – H&M knows just how to make fashion sustainable.

A proud companion of the Global Poverty Project, H&M is dedicated to supporting the mission to finish extreme international poverty and also structure sustainable resides for civilization around the civilization.

By default, H&M is also in a partnership with Global Citizen, the online platdevelop for the Global Poverty Project that gives crucial information about continuous problems in the human being and also actions worldwide citizens deserve to require to eliminate them.

Most freshly, H&M and also Global Citizen have actually launched an exclusive t-shirt line to promote the Global Citizen Festival this loss. Musicians Coldplay and Ed Sheeran likewise added to the deindications to present their assistance for the fight against worldwide poverty. Coldplay and also Sheeran will certainly additionally perform at the Global Citizen Festival on September 2sixth.

Each shirt has actually a design distinctive to the musician and is made totally of sustainable products. At $9.95, the shirts are on sale at all H&M areas in the UNITED STATE and also 25 percent of the proceeds go to Global Citizen.

In addition, H&M motivates customers to donate gently supplied apparel to be recycled. Docountry stations are situated in every H&M keep nationwide until Sept. 17, in a box that advertises the Festival.

Tickets for the Festival are free of monetary charge. Instead, guests need to earn their tickets by taking actions versus poverty. For eexceptionally customer that purchases a t-shirt or donates clothes, H&M will certainly provide them with the possibility to earn free tickets.

Sheeran expressed his excitement to work-related alongside H&M and also Global Citizen to create a shirt that fights earlier versus poverty, uniting world to take meaningful action. T-shirts and fashion are no longer all about style; fashion is now also about taking sustainable procedures in the direction of a positive future.

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On Sept. 26, the fourth yearly Global Citizen Festival will certainly take area — a distinct concert that provides music to raise poverty awareness. Celebrity activists and humanitarian leaders have banded together to organize this year’s festival. They hope to channel hype and excitement over the concert into anti-poverty activity.

The Global Citizen Festival started as an anti-poverty platdevelop in 2012. Each year, the concert acts as a hub for campaigns that work in the direction of international breakthrough and poverty eradication. This year, the festival will be timed to coincide through the launch of the United Nations’ brand-new Global Goals, designed to finish poverty by 2030.

Global Poverty Project, an company that intends to finish excessive poverty by enhancing the variety of civilization taking anti-poverty action, hosts the yearly concert. This year, the concert will take location on the Great Lawn at Central Park. Coldplay’s Chris Martin has played a leading function in creating the concert’s lineup.

For the second year in a row, MSNBC will certainly be serving as a media partner of the Global Citizen Festival. The netoccupational will air a live simulactors of the full concert on their website. Youtube is also a worldwide digital streaming partner for the Festival, and also will certainly attribute a distinct live stream of the concert which deserve to be found below.

Last year, celebrity activists including Hugh Jackman, Adrian Grenier, and Jessica Alba, and also civilization leaders prefer United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and also Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced the musical acts. The all-star lineup contained Beyonce, Jay Z, Sting, Tiesto, No Doubt, Carrie Undertimber, and more.

As 2015 is a specifically essential year for the global fight versus poverty, this year’s festival is sure to not disappoint. This September at the UN General Assembly in New York, civilization leaders will announce a new set of international purposes designed to fight inetop quality, protect our planet, and also most importantly to finish too much poverty by 2030.

Organizers of the Global Citizen Festival hope that this year’s concert will act as a launching pad for essential policy and also financial commitments necessary to achieve these goals. Early initiation of such commitments is indeed a critical step.

For those that look for instant anti-poverty action, Global Citizen is supplying a opportunity to win cost-free tickets to the concert on their webwebsite, By adhering to the outlined poverty-fighting steps on the organization’s website, people deserve to maximize their possibilities of earning a complimentary concert ticket!

Keeping in line with the anti-poverty soul, H&M is likewise giving points towards winning tickets to the festival for those that donate gently supplied apparel at any type of save place. Clothing donations will start being embraced on Sept. 17 and will certainly proceed up until the concert.

Stephen Colbert, Salma Hayek, Deborra-Lee & Hugh Jackguy, Kerry Washington, and Oliusing Wilde will be hosting the event. Perhaps also even more exciting is this year’s lineup, which includes—among others—Pearl Jam, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, and also of course, Coldplay.

With the perfect place, rock star hosts and also performers and also an very noble cause, this year’s Global Citizen Festival is certain to live up to its hype. By pairing live entertainment through global development objectives, the Global Poverty Project has definitely raised the standard of strategic anti-poverty development.

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Is tbelow anypoint much better than music that plays for a great cause?

The 2015 Global Citizen Festival will certainly take area in New York City’s Central Park on September 26. The Festival will celebprice the launch of the United Nations’ Global Goals, a set of 17 initiatives designed to safeguard the atmosphere, support global education and learning and also end excessive poverty by 2030. Featured headliners include Pearl Jam, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran and also Coldplay.

Although the cost-free occasion announced the artists previously this summer, it simply recently revealed the hosts of the display. The group of mega-talented people that will certainly share the stage via the musical headliners include Stephen Colbert, Hugh Jackmale, Deborra-Lee Furness, Salma Hayek Pinault, Kerry Washington and Oliusing Wilde.

An online platform produced by the Global Poverty Project in 2012, Global Citizen attributes informative short articles and innovative campaigns dedicated to finishing excessive poverty, injustice and also inequality. It has actually organized the Global Citizen Festival considering that 2012. The hosts this year will encourage festival attendees and fans roughly the people to end up being associated in Global Citizen’s mission to eradicate poverty.

In fact, in order to earn tickets the festival needs that people “take action” against poverty. After visiting the Global Citizen website to develop an account, fans have to percreate a series of honorable actions to get tickets to the festival. Such actions include signing digital petitions against poverty, tweeting to people leaders and calling the U.S. State Department around the U.S. international assist budgain.

Colbert and Jackguy have actually expressed their excitement to host the festival as well as their firm idea that too much global poverty have the right to be got rid of by 2030. World leaders will certainly be in attendance this year, offering the hosts and international citizens afavor via the chance to voice their support of the Global Goals and the eradication of poverty.

Since 2012, the Global Citizen Festivals have made significant results in eradicating poverty; civilization have actually taken more than 3 million actions on the Global Citizen website. This September, the Festival will certainly be jam-packed via great music, excellent civilization and an awesome cause.