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There"s somepoint magical about eincredibly branch of scientific research, whether it"s trying out external room or expertise what provides our brains tick. And if you are seeking out clever science presents for the biologist, chemist, or physicist in your life, there"s noshortage of clever before assets that will present off their love of scientific research.

Some items, prefer clever before chemisattempt Crayon labels or regular table blocks, have an educational twist. While others, prefer an Albert Einstein action figure or molecule necklace, will let you wear your love of scientific research proudly for the world to see. Or, if you like to incorporate clinical researches with edible treats you"ll desire to examine out cookie cutters that will have you baking cute lab beaker cookies in no time.

Check out our list of fun, educational—and a small nerdy—scientific research gifts, whether you are treating yourself or the scientist in your life.

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Albert Einstein Action Figure


Today is Art Day | $25


michellemach | $10


Four Point Puzzles | $25


Unemployed Philosophers Guild | $15.95


PatentPrints | $30.49+

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