Conversations Over Coffee

Conversations Over Coffee

We sit here at our desks with cups of Peet's coffee fueling our work, while taking calls from individuals and their families, all wanting to know about the assisted living care option.  We answer their questions, and often times mail them packages of information to help them assess their options and care needs.  Last year we fielded about hundreds of calls from consumers.  And it all costs money. 

Can you help us with a donation equivalent to a couple cups of coffee, or maybe a month's worth of coffee? 

That way, you would know that next year we'd still be here, providing assistance and information to those wanting to know how much assisted living costs, whether they can afford it, whether they can keep their cats when they move into an assisted living settings, whether their insurance covers assisted living, and how to access their Veteran's benefit of Aid and Attendance. 

We field all these questions and more, and its what we'd do for YOU or your family member if they called us. 

Please use the yellow Donate button at the bottom of this page to contribute to us today.  It's safe. Its easy. And its fast. 

And Thank You for doing what you can for us, with what you have, in the place you stand.  

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