Upper El – Thanks for a great year!

Posted on June fourth, 2021

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education and learning at all.” -Aristotle When I was sharing my thoughts on the college year in course today I told the kids that they are the best course I’ve ever before had actually. ItRead More→

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Lower El – Hello Summer!

Posted on June 4th, 2021

How is it already the last day of school!? I think we can all agree this year flew by! As a tradition, we celebrated the moment our 3rd years spent in Lower Elementary. Each 3rd year student shared somepoint specialRead More→

Mrs. Wilson: Beginning to End

Posted on June 4th, 2021

The last blog of the institution year. I can’t believe exactly how easily the college year came and went. Thank you to all the paleas and also caregivers for your support and also for trusting us through your beautiful children. They have taughtRead More→

Happy Summer!

Posted on June fourth, 2021

Now that the end of the school year is below and I take a minute to reflect on all that we have actually achieved over the last nine months, I am humbled by all we achieved. Our community came together, protectedRead More→

Middle School: Wrapping Up & Spirit Week

Posted on June 4th, 2021

It is an emotional time in Center School throughout the last weeks. Tbelow is excitement for the upcoming summer and a break from institution occupational, but there is also sadness over leaving friends and even the institution. For our 8thRead More→

Mrs. Lopes’s Class: Happy Summer!

Posted on June fourth, 2021

In the bconnect of an eye this challenging, and rewarding, institution year has come to a cshed. As we watch each son leave our classroom for the summer Mrs. Sharlene and also I can’t help however remember their firstRead More→

Mrs. Doyle’s Class: What A Year!!!

Posted on June fourth, 2021

The finish of each school year is always an emotional time filled via wonder and also pride at all that we completed and also just how much each kid has actually grvery own. This year it was nopoint brief of amazing!!! The 2020-21 institution yearRead More→

Upper Elementary Field Day Fun

Posted on May 28th, 2021

Our second to last week of the college year has actually been a complete and fun one! We’ve ongoing having lots of wrap-up lessons to end the college year, yet the highlight of the week was definitely Field Day. The fourthRead More→

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"FWM Class of 2017, Hopkins Class of 2021He was freshly awarded the Mary Brewster Thompkid Award. This award recognizes students in qualities nine through twelve for fine scholarship, intellectual maturity, enthusiasm for scholastic quests, and also the ability to share that enthusiasm through others.From Hopkins School: "At the finish of the college year, Hopkins awards various character and academic prizes..."

Suraj Kalaria ’17Read More

"2018 FWM Recipient of: The Janeskies Family Community Service AwardMy fondest memories of FWM are at the yearly book fairs. I always loved as soon as the whole college came together for an occasion, and the book fairs were a good area for both students and also their households to get together and celebrate analysis. Of course, these are likewise some of..."

Lauren Benedetto ’10Read More

"Attending FWM shaped me into an very responsible and also skilled human being. When I gone into both high institution and college, I not just had a good educational foundation however I additionally had realistic expectations of life skills and obligations. As a 6-year-old, I just assumed that finishing an assignment in a timely manner, clearing your plates, washing and drying..."

Siena D’Addario ’08Read More

"Hana is the daughter of Yun-Kyung Kim, FWM Music TeacherThe Montessori style of discovering that FWM gave me was, without exaggeration, among the a lot of defining factors in the cultivation of my work ethic. Because I was given so a lot agency and responsibility in the job-related that I did in FWM and was treated like an independent scholar/learner, I..."

Hana Picorelli ’10Read More

"My fondest memory of FWM was doing community company via the younger children, bereason I gained to recognize each of them and teach them the things I learned throughout my time at FWM. Attfinishing FWM helped me focus more on personal advancement rather than exams, and also the atmosphere gave me an extra mature, innovative and also socially adept perspective in..."

Tanner Tardie ’11Read More




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