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This sample task description shares just how one smaller sized sized, growing, multisite nonprofit organization configured the role of executive director.

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This sample job description shares how one smaller sized, prospering, multiwebsite nonprofit company configured the function of executive director. The executive director is responsible for basic monitoring and also designing a national growth plan. Tright here additionally is a hefty emphasis on routine testimonial.

Feel free to usage and modifythis sample project description to assist you produce one for your organization.

Sample Description

XYZ NonprofitExecutive Director

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director (ED) will certainly have overall strategic and operational obligation for XYZ Nonprofit's staff, programs, expansion, and also execution of its mission.She or he will initially build deep understanding of area, core programs, operations, and organization plans.

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Leadership & Management:Ensure recurring regional programmatic excellence, rigorous program review, and continuous quality of finance and management, fundraising, interactions, and systems; recommfinish timelines and resources needed to achieve the strategic objectives.Actively engage and energize XYZ Nonprofit volunteers, board members, occasion committees, alumni, partnering organizations, and funders.Develop, maintain, and assistance a solid Board of Directors; serve as ex-officio of each committee; look for and also build board involvement with strategic direction for both continuous regional operations and also for the national rollout.Lead, coach, build, and also retain XYZ Nonprofit's high-performance senior management teamEncertain reliable devices to track scaling progression, and also consistently evaluate program components, so as to meacertain successes that deserve to be properly connected to the board, funders, and also other constituents.Fundincreasing & Communications:Expand also local revenue generating and also fundraising tasks to support existing program operations and also regional development while all at once retiring structure debt.Deepen and also refine all facets of communications—from internet visibility to external relations with the goal of creating a more powerful brand also.Use external existence and relationships to garner brand-new methods.Planning & New Business:Design the nationwide development and also finish the strategic business planning process for the regimen growth right into new industries.Begin to construct partnerships in brand-new sectors, creating relationships with the funders, and also political and community leaders at each development website.Be an exterior regional and also nationwide visibility that publishes and also communicates regimen outcomes with an emphasis on the successes of the local regimen as a model for neighborhood and nationwide replication.


The ED will certainly be thoabout committed to XYZ Nonprofit's mission. All candidays have to have actually prrange management, coaching, and relationship monitoring experience.

Specific demands include:

Advanced degree, ideally an MBA, through at leastern 10 years of senior administration experience; track record of successfully leading and also regionally and/or nationally scaling a performance- and outcomes-based organization and also staff; capability to allude to particular examples of having actually developed and operationalized methods that have actually taken an company to the next stage of growthUnwavering commitment to quality programs and data-driven routine evaluationExcellence in organizational management with the ability to coach staff, manage, and also develop high-performance teams, collection and also accomplish strategic objectives, and regulate a budgetPast success functioning via a Board of Directors via the ability to cultivate existing board member relationshipsStrong marketing, public relationships, and fundincreasing endure through the ability to connect a large selection of stakeholders and also culturesStrong created and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator through terrific interpersonal and also multidisciplinary task skillsAction-oriented, entrepreneurial, adaptable, and also innovative strategy to organization planningAbility to occupational effectively in teamwork with varied teams of peoplePassion, idealism, integrity, positive perspective, mission-thrust, and self-directed

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