Emily carr university tuition

Tuition, fees and days are subject to adjust each year. Students are required to pay tuition and fees on a per-term basis.

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All tuition and fees are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise declared.

Calculating Tuition

Undergraduate degrees at Emily Carr require 120 credits to finish. If 120 credits are completed within four years:

Domestic tuition + mandatory fees will complete about $5,307 per year (or $21,227* for a four-year degree)Internationwide tuition + mandatory fees will full roughly $18,299 per year (or $73,196* for a four-year degree)

Providing equitable accessibility to high-quality education and learning is a guiding principle at Emily Carr. Our tuition is among the many affordable in Canada, while we reprimary the top-ranked university in Canada for art and also design (QS World Ranemperors, 2020, 2021).

Our tuition is reduced than that of OCAD College, NSCAD University, College of British Columbia and College of Toronto (Statistics Canada).

* Exact totals will certainly vary from student to student. This does not include Optional or Other Fees. These numbers are approximated, based on the tuition and fees of the 2021-2022 year. Tuition rises for domestic students are standardized at a prescribed amount in action with various other BC universities and vary in between 0-2%. Rates for global students additionally differ by year. These alters are somepoint students must plan for. For a in-depth breakdvery own of tuition and fees by credit pack, watch the tables below or downpack the full tuition and also fee schedule.

All undergraduate levels require 120 credits to graduate.

Emily Carr has actually a Fall Term (September-December), a Spring Term (January-April), and also two brief Summer Terms (May-June and July-August).

During the Fall and Spring terms, undergraduate students primarily take in between 12 to 15 credits.

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The breakdvery own looks choose this:

9 to 12 studio credits3 to 6 critical research studies credits

Minimum Crmodify Load

You need to be enrolled in at least nine credits to be eligible for a BC student loan, and also twelve credits to preserve a BC Arts Council scholarship and/or an Emily Carr tuition scholarship. Visit the Financial Aid + Awards web page for more information about loans and tuition scholarships.

Maximum Crmodify Load

The maximum number of credits a student can take per term is 18.

Students can register in even more than twelve studio credits in a term through a process referred to as Studio Overfill Access. The maximum variety of credits per term continues to be 18.