Monica Robles - Volunteer Translator

Monica Robles is an accomplished, busy woman, but she had time for CARR.  CARR had two brochures which were translated into Spanish so CARR could better serve San Diego's Hispanic community with assisted living information.  Sadly, our translated brochures were lacking and incorrect, and we were looking for a professional translator to improve our brochures.  As luck would have it, Monica is a family friend of one of our employees. And as luck would have it, Monica has a huge heart for family, and for service.  She volunteered to re-translate our brochures to reflect correct subject-matter relevance and context.  She enjoys giving back to her community by volunteering with various non-profit organizations.   Our gratitude to her for volunteering with us, and by doing such valuable work for us, is endless. 

Monica has more than 20 years of experience providing professional development, team effectiveness and leadership development training at all levels of an organization.  She is highly skilled at relationship building with clients and adept at planting seeds of self-discovery and fulfillment in other people's lives, helping them to achieve their potential. She holds an Executive MBA from Madrid's Instituto de Empresa Business School; her education, experience, and fluency in both English and Spanish have been instrumental in Monica's success both domestically and internationally.   Thank you, Monica, for taking the time to improve CARR's outreach to the Hispanic community in San Diego County and beyond. 


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