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CARR's internship program was created in 2012; since then we have a field-intern site for San Diego State University, University of California - Irvine, California State University at Fullerton, and American River College.  We attract Gerontology, as well as Criminal Justice and Public Administration majors.  CARR's unique internship program consists of harvesting public records from the state's regulatory agency over assisted living facilities - Community Care Licensing (CCL).  Through 'total imersion' in public record harvesting, students who care about elder issues including elder justice, and those wanting to understand public administration through researching the regulatory agency's enforcement and oversight practices, receive an up-close-and-personal understanding of the intricacies of agency policy and practices.  

If you would like to learn more about an opportunity with CARR, contact us (619) 795-2165.

Image of Matt MATTHEW M., San Diego State University, Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice writes:

Upon obtaining my Bachelors in Criminal Justice, I plan to pursue a career in Law Enforcement and Investigations, while also becoming an Officer in the US Military.

My internship with CARR helped me strengthen my investigation and research skills; as well as, improve my knowledge of computer programs, data entry and thesis work.  My work with the public documents required that I harvest and analyze data.  This trained me to mine data specific to CARR’s advocacy efforts.  Meanwhile, I gained experience with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets and SPSS.  As part of my last assignment at CARR, I was asked to draft a thesis based on all the research I had collected.  In this rough draft thesis, I aimed to measure the effectiveness of state regulations on Assisted Living Homes.

I also attended community outreach events with CARR.  These opportunities helped me understand how local programs work together to help the San Diego population.  The interactions with fellow professionals and advocates helped strengthen my interpersonal and communication skills.  Most importantly, I am now more confident in my ability to work with professionals. 

Overall, the knowledge and skills I acquired during the CARR internship contributed to the skill set I now hold.  Executive Director, Chris Murphy, is a hard-working, passionate leader who continues to be an inspiration.  Her constant push to dig deeper and find the honest facts made this internship experience priceless. 

Picture of MicahMICAH WROTEN, San Diego State University, pursing a B.A. in Gerontology and Minor in LGBT Studies writes:

"Working at CARR has been a rewarding experience. It provided me with a space where my skills, beliefs, and knowledge were valued and utilized. The internship allowed me to gain perspective on where and how I would like to focus my future career goals. I have been constantly encouraged to work towards meeting the goals I have set with positive and critical feedback, and with praises for exceptional work. This internship was directly relevant to my course work for Gerontology and gave me real world experience and insights. CARR has also groomed some of my professional skills so that I am prepared to enter the workforce as a well rounded candidate. CARR also taught me the valuable skill of maintaining awareness and an analytical mindset.  I think this will allow me to have a more focused career path, one that keeps me honest and brings integrity to my community."

"Professionally, I anticipate pursuing a career that improves the lives of individuals, mainly older adults, on a macro level. This may take shape in the form of a political career where I can influence laws that directly affect the lives of many."  ? 

Image of AntoinetteAntoinette Alloto holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Gerontology from San Diego State University (SDSU).  As a Gerontologist, Antoinette has a passion for seniors and advocating on pertinent issues in the community.  She brings with her a love for research and the acumen of a problem-solver, making her a perfect fit at CARR.

Antoinette joined us in 2016 as an intern.  Having a background working with seniors, she was ready to use her strong work ethic throughout her internship.  CARR introduced her to RCFEs, the licensing entity, CCL, and the public records.  Antoinette spent time collecting data from public documents housed at CCL, and, like a true advocate, she began to develop her own analysis of the State-run agency and their work. 

Her eagerness to know more about RCFEs expanded to her projects we gave her.  Both the knowledge she gained from her professional work and at CARR showed in her work, from analyzing complaints to viewing discrepancies between CCL’s consumer website and their downloadable dataset.   Antoinette plans to use her skills to advocate and assist individuals and their families.  She wants to help navigate seniors and their loved ones through the multitude of changes that occur throughout old age.   Knowing she will be an asset to any organization she joins, we congratulate her on her graduation, wish her the best in her advocacy work, and thank her for her efforts on CARR's behalf.


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