Joanna Dela Cruz - CARR Intern for Spring 2019

Joanna Dela Cruz, Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice, Minor in Counseling and Social Psychology from San Diego State University

"My experience at CARR has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the disadvantages prevalent within the senior community while strengthening my skills related to research, investigations, and data entry. It has also enhanced my ability to thoroughly and consciously analyze reports and data. Through data entries, I’ve become more familiarized with Microsoft Excel and formatting. Also, though it was only once a week, being at the Community Care Licensing has exposed me to a more professional setting which encouraged improvement in my verbal and written communication. Being at CARR has made me more mindful of the importance of advocacy work through outreach, assistance, and simply providing access to resources, especially when targeting underfunded and underprivileged communities."

"Overall, this experience has enlightened me on how unfairly and under-resourced the elderly community is within San Diego. My focus with my Criminal Justice major was towards juveniles and rehabilitation. However, I knew this experience would enhance my investigative and research skills. Being able to work with Chris Murphy and Christina Selder was inspiring, to say the least, their passion for the work they do despite adversities is admirable. Their commitment to consumers and ensuring RCFEs are providing quality care is what makes this experience with CARR that much more consequential."


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