If you think our work, independence, advocacy and transparency are important, please help us. There are lots of ways to help. Your help and our work contribute to the same end - improving resident care in assisted living facilities and increasing industry accountability.    

1.    Make a cash donation via the Paypal button located on every screen, right under the Facility Search box.  We are a grassroots organization so every dollar helps us keep the lights on.

2.     AMAZON.   Set your Favorite Charity to CONSUMER ADVOCATES for RCFE REFORM (CARR), and we'll get .5% of every dollar you spend on Amazon, compliments of Amazon.  Quick, easy, painless. Total donations received as of 10/2018 - $43.25.  Can you help us grow this number in 2019?

3.        CARS:  Donate your car, truck, or other vehicle in our Vehicle donation program.  We are partnered with CarDonations Made Easy.  They are wonderful professionals who give us 80% of whatever they are able to sell your car for.  That is a much higher percentage than other car donation organizations offer. Just click on the link above, make the donation, and they'll arrange quick pickup of your vehicle.  That's a win-win:  You have the benefit of painlessly getting rid of an unwanted vehicle, and CARR benefits by getting much needed funds.  Benefits of Car donations, to you  are:

  • You get rid of an unwanted vehicle

  • You get a tax deduction which may help on your overall tax liability
  • The process is turn-key. You don't have to do anything except make the appointment and have your pink slip ready.  Done & Dusted.  Easy.

Thank you for helping us in any way you can


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