Does deadline mean on the day

HELP!! My grandchild is applying to Syracusage University Early Decision. The due day for the application is November 15. We aren"t sure, does that expect he hregarding email in the application prior to midnight on November 14, or prior to midnight on November 15? Please let us understand as quickly as possible! Thank you extremely much!!

Your grandson"s application, if being sent electronically, should be submitted prior to midnight on the 1fifth. Colleges will certainly usage his local time and not the moment in Syracuse, N.Y., if he lives in a various time zone.

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Unless otherwise declared, electronic applications are due by midnight of the deadline day (not the midnight prior to it), and also snail-mail applications (rare these days) must be postnoted by the deadline day.

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Frankly, most colleges will certainly look the other means if an application is a day … or also sometimes a number of days … late. But I always urge students to adhere to publimelted deadlines. Even waiting until the last minute to submit digital applications deserve to be dicey given that systems have actually been well-known to jam throughout peak-web traffic periods. While admission folks generally hear around such jams and are foroffering, it deserve to be stressful to candidays and also their paleas (and grandparents!) when it happens.


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