​Our faculty and students believe in the power of dynamic management in the third sector.

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The PhD in Leadership Studies gives multi-disciplinary perspectives on questions of leadership and also administration in the for-profit, governmental, and nonprofit/nongovernpsychological organization (NGO) sectors. Students learn how to conduct original study, apply concept to practice, and also lead establishments in innovative ways.

Faculty members teaching and also supervising research study in the nonprofit/NGO field of expertise have actually extensive suffer in residential and also worldwide nonprofit study and practice. They are well-known professionals on questions of nonprofit and also philanthropic leadership, policy and also practice.

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Program Overview

The Nonprofit and Philanthropic Leadership and Management Specialization is installed in a basic Leadership Studies doctdental regime. Students in this expertise need to enroll in the nine systems of core demands listed listed below (630, 631 and 501), then select from extra selections in consultation with their advisor. Students in this expertise additionally focus their dissertation study on aspects of the nonprofit/NGO sector. Students job-related with faculty members to design particular programs of research that respond to students’ requirements and interests. This field of expertise will certainly enable students to:

Acquire a thorough understanding of the nonprofit sector and the function the sector plays in the bigger societal context in the United States and also abroad;Produce original, cutting-edge study on the nonprofit sector utilizing a selection of methodologies and data sources;Develop skills forced to both lead nonprofit establishments and teach nonprofit and also connected courses in universities and also colleges. Use expertise to deal with difficulties in nonprofit institutions and policy arenas.


"It is my privilege to form currently the careers of future nonprofit practitioners in a lot the same way USD has shaped mine."- Jennifer A. Jones "15

Jennifer is an assistant professor of nonprofit management and management at the College of Florida, a leading research school.

Other alumni project titles include:

Assistant ProfessorExecutive DirectorFoundation PresidentNonprofit Organizational ConsultantPostdoctoral Research AssociateProgram Director


list of courses requiredCourse NumberCourse TitleGraduate Units
LEAD 501*Nonprofit Sector: Theory and Practice3
LEAD 630Seminar: Rundown of Research in Nonprofit/Philanthropic Studies3
LEAD 631Contemporary Issues in the Third Sector3

*Students with an academic background in the nonprofit area might substitute one more nonprofit connected elective for LEADVERTISEMENT 501 in consultation through their advisors.

The following courses are highly recommfinished for students seeking research study careers:

Course Number, Title, and also UnitsCourse NumberCourse TitleGraduate Units
LEADVERTISEMENT 500Reasearch, Deauthorize and also Evaluation of Nonprofit Programs4
LEAD 612Cutting edge Qualitative Research3
LEADVERTISEMENT 613State-of-the-art Quantitative Research3
LEAD 614Special Topics in Cutting edge Research Methods3
LEAD 616Survey Research3
LEAD 609Evaluation Theory and Methods3

Other courses may be emerged. Students must consult through their advisors.


The faculty whose primary area of research is in Nonprofit and Philanthropic Leadership include: