Did You Mean To Go To Chrome

Whenever before I search for a single-word term in Google through the Chrome omnibox, Chrome presents a tip to instead visit that term as an http://-prefixed "URL":


Did you expect to go to http://some-random-google-search/?

I"ve never seen this actions from Chrome prior to, and it"s rather annoying as soon as searching. The pop-up banner is regularly delayed by 1-5 seconds and comes in well after the SERP has loaded.

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I"ve only noticed this this particular day once making use of my iPhone"s Personal Hotspot tethered to my laptop.

Why is this banner being presented by Chrome? Can I prevent the internet browser from displaying it for obviously non-URLs?

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asked Sep 8 "20 at 5:38

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Can I proccasion the web browser from displaying it for obviously non-URLs?

On your address bar, type chrome://flags.

On the search box type: #enable-lookalike-url-navigation-suggestions

Set it to Disable, then relaunch Chrome. The suggestions will certainly sheight appearing.


Why is this banner being shown by Chrome?

The explanation for this banner is extracted from the post sourced below:

The Google Chrome internet browser is set to include a function that will certainly warn individuals as soon as accessing sites via doprimary names that look like authentic websites.

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The attribute has remained in the functions for rather some time at Google and also is a solution to the practice of making use of typosquatted domain names or IDN homograph strikes to lure users on websites they didn"t intfinish to accessibility.

For instance, crooks regularly register misspelled versions of popular domain names, such as paypall.com, or they"d use domain names with Unicode personalities like coịnbạse.com to hold phishing pages and steal users" credentials.

Source: Google Chrome to obtain warnings for "lookafavor URLs"

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