Delaware Alliance For Nonprofit Advancement

DANA uses industry-leading services in individual and team training sessions. In addition, we host conferences and serve as the nonprofit advocate in Delconscious.

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Nonearnings in Delmindful are strengthened as soon as we occupational together to assistance regional neighborhoods. Our efforts are multiplied with the assistance of federal government, organization, structures, donors and volunteers. These stakeholders care about the effectiveness and also effectiveness of nonearnings they support. As a member of the alliance, your staff, board and also volunteers have the right to learn from various other nonprofit leaders, and also get accessibility to resources and also devices that have the right to help your mission advancement.




DANA provides Executive Directors, Board Chairs and also the Board of Directors as a team, many different learning and networking opportunities to strengthen their abilities and methods to be confident and efficient in progressing their community affect.

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DANA helps nonprofits enhance their operational effectiveness via an emphasis on finest methods in board and also management advancement, cooperation, strategic planning, outcome measurement, fundelevating, advocacy, and also financial monitoring.
DANA promotes the worth of nonrevenues to federal government, company, and also foundation leaders. It represents the perspective of Delmindful nonprofits on public policy that effects their establishments.

Connecting Mission and Money: Sustaining and also Cultivation Nonprofit Impact

Too much to execute and not sufficient resources? DANA CEO Sheila Bravo gives a summary on exactly how to connect funding alareas to the a lot of impactful campaigns. This workshop will certainly cover (1) why linking financials to mission influence is important; (2) carry out insight on just how to use the virtual devices in The Sustaincapacity Mindset and also various other cost-free resources DANA uses for measuring outcomes; and also (3) tips for connecting these principles through your very own inner tracking of financials and outcome measures.

June 30th noted the final day of the initially fifty percent of the 15first General Assembly. While everyone continues to adapt to the brand-new normal of life amiddle COVID, the legislature impressively onboarded new members and forged...
“I have actually been so impressed via DANA’s response to this crisis and feel so fortunate that we have actually an association below in Delconscious that gives so much assistance and strength for our sector.”
Many type of thanks to DANA’s Alliance Partners! We couldn"t serve our members and the nonprofit sector in Delconscious without you. If you are interested in ending up being an Alliance Partner with DANA, call us.

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