Pop-Up Senior Coaching Clinics - Lessons Learned

With funding support from the City of San Diego and the County of San Diego, CARR launched our Pop-Up Senior Coaching Clinics in March 2019.  

These free, educational sessions were offered for 3 hours, one day per month through June 2019 at the following senior center locations – Balboa Park, San Ysidro, and La Jolla.  The primary goal of the Clinics is to advance the knowledge and skill set of San Diegans facing decisions related to senior care and support and to collect data on local needs.  

While San Diego has a multitude of referring agencies in the private and public sectors, our community lacks a program exclusively focused on empowering and educating older adults how to successfully navigate the aging network and troubleshoot dead ends.  The Coaching Clinic program was created in response to independent and referral calls CARR continues to receive from seniors and families who are frustrated by “dead-end” referrals to services.  “Dead-end” scenarios include-

  • Ineligibility for referred programs;
  • Limited ability and confidence to narrow down referred options;
  • Difficulty matching changing senior needs with the right mix of referred services;
  • Accessing and validating information on the quality of care services;
  • Managing the sequence of steps to secure care, financing, advocacy and/or accountability.

Furthermore, research suggests that who recommends long-term care matters--with professionals tending to favor the sector they work in (Kane, 2006).  As gerontologists, CARR co-founders are uniquely qualified to provide the San Diego community with this coaching service.  Gerontologists specialize in the comprehensive, multidisciplinary study of aging and CARR has studied the aging network in San Diego for over 10 years.  

CARR is proud to have served the San Diego community in this way.  To review the results of our first round of Coaching Clinics, click here for Participant Data and click here for Satisfaction Survey Data

We look forward to our second round of Clinics.  The Clinics will be ongoing in Balboa Park (click here for a flyer listing dates + times) and will resume in San Ysidro in August.  We will be changing our third location to a venue in East County.  Once these new dates are confirmed, we will update this post with a sharable flyer.  If you know of a location that might benefit from a Pop-Up Senior Coaching Clinic, please contact our office (619) 540-1648 or via email cls@rcfereform.org so we can introduce them to the program to see if it is a good fit.


Source: Kane, Robert, Bershadsky, Boris, Bershadsky, Julie. (2006).  Who Recommends Long-Term Care Matters.  The Gerontologist, Vol. 46, Iss.4, pgs 474-482.

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