CARR's Public Document Archive for Thesis or Dissertation

CARR was the first to harvest California public records on assisted living facilities (ALF), and to maintain a database of all public records in its possession.  Unlike other databases, CARR’s data is not supplied by facilities themselves.  Rather, the data is collected from the public documents in individual ALF files maintained by the California’s Department of Social Services (DSS), Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD), and San Diego Regional Office. As of June 2016, CARR's public record database of approximately 60,000, and counting. 

CARR obtains access to facility files by submitting California Public Records Act (CPRA) requests to various CCLD regional offices.  Documents we ask for are:

  • Facility Applications (LIC 200s)
  • Facility License (LIC 203As)
  • Facility Waivers & Exceptions
  • Facility Evaluations (LIC 809s)
  • Complaint Investigations (LIC 9099s)
  • Civil Penalties (Assessments, invoices and payments)
  • Non-Compliance Conference Summaries
  • Plans of Corrections & Self-Certifications (LIC9098s)
  • Financial Estimates (LIC 401s)
  • Staffing Documentation (LIC 500s)
  • Emergency Disaster Plans (LIC 610s)
  • Fire Marshal Clearances
  • Property Deeds
  • Facility Correspondence

Uses of CARR Data:  CARR's data collection is a unique resource perfect for thesis or dissertation research related to five main aspects of California’s assisted living facility (ALF) industry: (1) Facility Operations & Administration, (2) Application & Enforcement of Title 22, (3) DSS Practices & Performance, (4) Resident Abuse & Neglect, and (5) other descriptive statistics on local ALF industry.

How to Obtain CARR Data:  Please contact our office or (619) 795-2165.

Data & Research

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