At JV CPA PLLC, we specialize in serving 501(C)(3), nonprofit institutions in Form 990 preparation, audits, reviews and various other nonprofit accountancy solutions.

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Our desire is to have the year-finish process, whether Form 990 preparation, financial statement audits, financial statement reviews or audit preparation to be as seammuch less as possible. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients reach their objectives of achieving their charitable mission and also serving the area.

Financial Statement Audits or Review

For Not-For-Profit institutions requiring an audit by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), we administer an Independent Accountant’s Audit Report and also the audited financial statements via all required disclosures. For those organizations requiring their financial statements to be reviewed or compiled by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), we provide an Independent Accountant’s Report and also financial statements through all forced disclosures. We perdevelop this company in conjunction with your Form 990 preparation.

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Form 990 Preparation & State Charities Annual Registrations

For Non Profit Charities or Tax Exempt institutions that have actually no audit or testimonial requirements, we provide experienced IRS Form 990 preparation solutions along, with any type of state charity reporting creates. The IRS Form 990 is the important document to 501(c)(3) public charities. Form 990 is required to be filed by the IRS, but it likewise a wonderful marketing tool. If ready appropriately, the develop can highlight the positive qualities of your company. If done wrongly, your company has actually a a lot higher change at experiencing an IRS examicountry. In enhancement, the IRS develop 990 is a publicly disclosed document. We recommend preparation of Form 990 be done by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) knowledgeable in Form 990 and specializing in not-for-profit audit. That is precisely what we offer at JV CPA PLLC.





Charitable Annual Renewal Info

Pennsylvania (BC-10): Due 315 days afterend of fiscal year. If Gross Annual Contributions are over $100,000, a CPA compilationis required. If Gross AnnualContributions are over $250,000, a CPA testimonial compelled. If Gross AnnualContributions are over $750,000, a CPA audit forced.

Connecticut (CHR): Due 11 months after finish of fiscal year. If gross receiptsare over $500,000, a CPA Audit is forced.

New Jersey (CRI-200 or CRI-300R): Due 6 months after end of fiscal year. If grossreceipts are over $500,000, a CPA Audit is compelled.

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Please note, we are currentlyfunctioning through established organizations just, we have actually limited capacity to workvia more recent (startup) institutions.