What is an RCFE?

Residential Care Facility for the Elderly, or RCFE,  is California's term for an "assisted living" facility.  Across the nation, different states refer to this type of supportive housing and care using different terms.  "Assisted Living" is the most commonly used term within the industry for these facilities.  In California, the regulations refer to these facilities as RCFEs. 

An RCFE is defined by Title 22,§87101(r)(5)  as ". . . a housing arrangement chosen voluntarily by the resident, the resident's guardian, conservator or other responsible person; where 75% of the residents are sixty years of age or older and where varying levels of care and supervision are provided, as agreed to at time of admission or as determined necessary at subsequent times of reappraisal.  Any younger residents must have needs compatible with other residents."   

This site uses the terms interchangeably except when speaking about the regulations and the regulatory framework; then the site specifically uses the term "RCFE", as that is what "assisted  living" is known by in California's regulations.  

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