Driving: When to Give It Up

Sooner or later, we all confront the driving issue - whether for ourselves or for a family member.  To drive, or not to drive is an emotionally-charged issue, mostly because to drive means independence, and not driving means loss of independence.  If we continue behind the wheel, how do we stay safe?  And if we give up the keys, what are our options for staying active, engaged and staying a vibrant part of our community.  Big questions to be sure.  

We came across a good article about staying behind the wheel in the July 2017 issue of Consumer Reports.  It's worth a read whether you are keeping or giving up the keys, or trying to convince a family member to give up the keys.  It covers all the bases:  driver safety, safest cars for seniors, what the data shows about older drivers, how to stay sharp behind the wheel, understanding the reasons someone would leave the car in the garage, and when they do, figuring out solutions to getting around the city.  

The article offers a valuable takeaway: if you don't make a plan, the plan will be made for you . . .  and you may not like how it works out.  No time like the present to start thinking about how long, and under what conditions you or yours continue to drive.  Check out the story to learn more 

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