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Chief of Staff 18, 2021March 18, 2021

About Women"s Audio Mission: Women’s Audio Mission (WAM), is a San Francisco-based nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of woguys and gender-expansive people in music production and the recording arts, a area in which these individuals are critically underrepresented (less than 5%). WAM offers music and also media to lure 4,000+ women/girls/ gender-expansive individuals a year to music innovation studies/careers, and believes that women/gender-expansive individual"s participation in artistic innovation will expand the voice of music and also media, ensuring that their views and also concepts are conveyed in renowned society. Founded in 2003, WAM has grown significantly to serve 50+ school partners across 3 school districts and includes two recording studios we own in San Francisco, an educational lab area in Oakland, and also international reach digital to 30+ countries. WAM’s staff is composed of teaching artists, audio experts, and also passionate, hardfunctioning individuals in a combination of full-time, part time, and contract duties.

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WAM’s experienced recording studios are the only studios in the people totally developed and run by women/gender-expansive individuals. Our studio and engineers have actually operated on projects via Sheila E., Neko Case, Kronos Quartet, Toro y Moi, Margaret Cho, Tune-Yards, Beyonce’s Band, Angelique Kidjo (Grammy win), Academy Award-winning soundtrack to the film Dirty Wars, Mary J. Blige/Hillary Clinton Intercheck out and more.

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Position Summary:

Reporting to the Executive Director (ED), the Chief of Staff (CoS) will certainly be responsible for the coordination of the vital company activities of the organization (talent, budgeting/planning, communications, performance monitoring, information, culture, etc.) to encertain that the organization is operating the majority of optimally in terms of productivity and also efficiency. The CoS will certainly assistance the ED by rebrowsing and also gathering indevelopment throughout the company and also via outside stakeholders and also administer feedearlier to encertain that the ED has the information required to respond to inquiries quickly and also make sound decisions. Candidates that are comfortable assessing and prioritizing a huge volume of tasks and inquiries and at the very same time protecting both the ED’s time and organization’s resources are encouraged to apply. The right candidate will be someone who can passionately assistance our mission of advancing women, girls and gender-expansive individuals in the fields of music, media and technology and has prstove experience in a business management function with a focus on executive-level advising and interdepartmental interaction.

Key Objectives and also Responsibilities:

Efficacy, Strategic Partnership & Support:

Act as strategic assumed partner through the ED.Serve as a liaikid between the ED, staff and also Board of Directors.Prepare ED through the vital study, indevelopment, materials and interactions to efficiently engage through staff, board, donors, potential donors, partners and potential partners and also once correct, serve as proxy.Recommfinish means to optimize the method the ED and also program groups function in and throughout the company.Partner through ED to specify and breakthrough organization yearly and also quarterly priorities.

Coordinate Key Firm Processes and Internal Communications:

Build an understanding of the important work that is happening across the organization and surconfront toughness, weaknesses, methods and also hazards, including knowledge and also ability gaps and aid create services to resolve them.Improve present processes and also coordinate business measures for optimized efficiency and efficiency.Develop and implement an interior interaction and engagement strategy best suited to communicate essential business information to staff and Board of Directors.Draft inner and outside communications on befifty percent of ED to store essential constituents increated.

Talent & Ongoing Performance Management

Overcheck out onboarding and also internal training of staff in WAM systems.Partner via regimen directors to encertain that the process for task postings, interviews, background checks, team onboarding and also performance evaluations, and so on is a continual and documented process.Support the staff performance review process and make certain the process clearly assesses performance relative to org-wide key performance indicators and also routine objectives.

Team Culture & Experience

Partner with senior management to construct a strong team culture and also a safe, supportive and also nurturing setting that fosters team productivity and excellence.Plan and control org-wide meetings or retreats including creating agendas and any presentation materials forced.Provide ED and also program directors with recommendations and consultation to enhance teamwork.

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8+ years of experience in a organization or executive administration role and requiring strong lateral monitoring, connection structure, job and/or executive administration, or corpoprice strategy.Demonstrated endure organizing and also directing multiple groups and departmentsStrong task reporting skills and also proven success through interdepartmental communications.Experience through budobtain administration and also analysis and also a business mind that consistently prioritizes the organization and protects its sources.Previous experience functioning via mission-thrust non-earnings and mission-pushed for-profits.Previous experience functioning with non-profit boards, both advisory and fiduciary.Bachelor’s degree forced.

The appropriate candiday has:

Exceptional poise, confidence and also diplomacy once interacting via essential stakeholders.Ability to build solid relationships and also occupational via world at all levels within and exterior to the company.A high level of personal obligation, is nimble and also can lead through adjust and ambiguity.Ability to regulate multiple duties in a fast-paced setting, while meeting deadlines and goals.Exceptional strategic and instrumental thinking skills as well as attention to detail.Good judgment and decision-making skills, eager to take initiative, and a quick learner.Exceptional written and also verbal communication abilities.Planning and also project management abilities.

Location: This position is currently, due to COVID, a mix of remote and occasional in-perboy work in WAM’s facilities in San Francisco and Oakland also. Article COVID, this position will change to job-related in both our Oakland and San Francisco framework, via some travel throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area and also occasional travel nationally.

Location: This position is currently, because of COVID, a mix of remote and occasional in-person work in WAM’s facilities in San Francisco and Oakland. Blog post COVID, this place will certainly change to work in both our Oakland and San Francisco framework, with some travel throughout the higher San Francisco Bay Area and occasional take a trip nationally.

Compensation and also Benefits: Salary in the $65,000 - $75,000 variety commensuprice via individual’s suffer and also education and learning. All full time employees receive a competitive benefits package.

WAM is an equal possibility employer and also committed to a diverse and also inclusive workarea. Applicants from the San Francisco Bay Area and also who determine as Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color and trans/gender-expansive are strongly urged to use.