Chicearlier City Day School looks for to develop each child’s intellectual abilities in a nurturing setting.

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At City Day, we market an overwhelming scholastic routine in a supportive and also kindcollege climate. Our curriculum combines the finest of conventional academics via innovative learning experiences. We prizeintellectual curiosity,instrumental thinking, risk taking, joy in discovery,andthe realization that finding out is a lifelengthy experience.

Chicback City Day School holdsstudentsto high requirements, AND we provide the encouragement and assistance students must satisfy those obstacles. Our regime is uniquely rigorous and also compassionate.

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The academics at Chicearlier City Day School are superior. The little course environment, innovative teaching, and challenging curriculum inspire confidence and also a love of learning.Chicback City Day School is truly a one-of-a-kind area.

carolynCity Day Parent

All students at City Day soptimal in front of an audience multiple times in the time of their tenure through us. Public speaking provides students the confidence to protect their concepts and also construct new ones. It enables students to think critically, construct logical debates,and also adjust course when presented with brand-new indevelopment. These are abilities our graduates usage in high institution, college, and also past.

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The emphasikid public speaking starts in kindergarten viain-class speeches,science fair presentations, and the drama regimen. It hasreally assisted my son, that is more of an introvert, feel comfortable speaking in front of groups — an inuseful ability to have actually in life!Samantha City Day Parent

Classroom discovering comes alive in a vivid means as soon as used to real-people problems and also situations. City Day'sservice discovering regimen sends students to the natural environments along the Chicback River and also the coral reefs uncovered in the Bimini area of the Bahamas. Students usage the abilities they obtain in science course to conduct meaningful research study and also assist boost the civilization.

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What I prefer aboutcompany discovering at City Day is that it reflects students how they have the right to usage what they learn in the classroom to lug around adjust in the real human being. That's an effective point for a young perboy to discover.

Lindsay CIty Day Parent

In an ever-altering and significantly advanced age, students need to bring a design mindset to the use of technology, so they have the right to produce solutions to next-generation difficulties. We provide students through the devices they must imagine, style, and build.

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Tright here has not been a higher gift that we can have actually provided our children than thewell-rounded, included academic/individual suffer at City Day.The technology routine is the only one of its kindand also plays a huge component inrounding out their education and learning.Wright here else deserve to you learn around exactly how things job-related these days?Sara and Blake City Day Parents

Our city campus consists of bbest, friendlyclassrooms; fully equipped science and also technology centers; andnumerousoutdoor finding out spaces, includinga greenhome, an ice rink andan 8,000-gallon koi pond. As one student said:"It's the type of college you don't ever desire to go residence from."

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For me, one of the unsung components of the City Day endure is the campus. My son gets to learn in a affluent selection of spaces and also environments, from the vivid Shorey Shop, to the koi pond outside, to the technology room throughout the street. Amazingly, all these spaces are located in a vivid Chicback community not far from downtvery own.Matthew City Day Parent

The teachers at City Day carry impressive levels of wisdom, specialization, passion, imagination, and also kindness to our classrooms eexceptionally day. They are experts at identified instruction, ensuring thateincredibly student feels heard, engaged, and also inspired.

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The teachers are dedicated and caring and really understand how to reach each boy. I love that the teachers know all the youngsters at the college, which really creates an setting of warmth and also belonging.