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The Center for Nonprofit Excellence Releases Principles & Practices Guide for New Mexico NonprofitsCommunity, Philanthropy, Support New Mexico

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNPE) at United Way of Central New Mexico will certainly announce the dehowever of the New Mexico Nonprofit Principles & Practices Guide and also the Companion Workbook on Tuesday, July 10, 2018, at 10 a.m. at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. These tools were developed by CNPE to help nonprofits identify what activity is essential to propel their objectives forward.

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The initially edition of the Guide was emerged by CNPE via assistance from a 50-member Advisory Committee, the New Mexico Secretary of State, the Office of the New Mexico Attorney General and also guidance from nonprofit associations and experts around the country.

“The Guide pays specific attention to legal compliance, transparency and also accountability,” shelp Ed Rivera, President and CEO of United Way of Central New Mexico. “It was emerged to assist institutions of all sizes enhance their operations and also governance and also to fine-tune strategic planning and also testimonial procedures.”

A complimentary digital version of the Guide is made feasible by Net Essentials from Comcast. The Guide and also Companion Workbook deserve to additionally be purchased in hard copy. Both were designed to assist nonprofits understand the foundation of a healthy and balanced and sustainable nonprofit in New Mexico so they deserve to attain their goals.

“We’re excited to share such thorough sources through New Mexico nonprofit establishments,” said Annie Sanchez, Director of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence. “The Guide supplies standardized guidelines and also actionable tools to assistance organizations through improving their operations and also administration. Ultimately it will enhance the performance of the New Mexico nonprofit sector which is crucial to our state’s capability to support and provide for each and eextremely resident.”

The Companion Workbook is a tool designed to aid world work-related through the Guide so that they deserve to determine where their company stands in relation to the guiding ethics, legally required techniques and recommended typical techniques, and support organizations in occurring an action arrangement for improved operations and governance.

To even more support the use of these tools, CNPE overhauled and also aligned its digital reresource library and also training routine via the 12 guiding values and also ideal methods in the New Mexico Nonprofit Principles & Practices Guide.

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A Spanish variation of the Guide will be released in at an early stage 2019.

Starting in July, CNPE will be hosting indevelopment sessions around these tools in neighborhoods throughout the state including: Silver City, Clovis, Taos, Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Sponsors of the Guide incorporate Comcast, Albuquerque Community Foundation, Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico, Grant County Community Foundation, Santa Fe Community Foundation, Taos Community Foundation, United Way of Central New Mexico and United Way of Southwest New Mexico.

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence is a regime of United Way of Central New Mexico. Its mission is to strengthen the capabilities and capacity of New Mexico nonrevenues so they can even more effectively meet their objectives. Visit to learn more.

United Way of Central New Mexico, established in 1934, serves a four-county region. UWCNM’s mission is to bring world and also resources together to measurably improve resides and also strengthen our areas. To learn more, visit or call 505-247-3671.