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You deserve to advocate for obtaining Amerideserve to Rescue Plan fundsfor regional nonprofits

Louisville Metro is receiving $388 million in funds under the Amerideserve to Rescue Plan Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery program. As of mid-July, the Louisville Metro Council has appropriated just one-eighth of those funds. firmly believes that nonprofits are uniquely equipped to optimize just how these funds acquire deployed in our neighborhood. (Keep in mind that ARP funds must be supplied for objectives set out in the federal statute.)

Stay informed: Zoom meeting on August 5

On August 5, organized a one-hour Zoom meeting, in which even more than 100 participants heard from Eric Burnette, senior plan advisor at Louisville Forward, Metro government’s economic advancement agency. Eric sum­ma­rized Louisville Metro’s latest Amerihave the right to Res­cue Plan initiatives, consisting of (a) what happened in Phase 1 and what is happening in Phase 2, and (b) what have the right to be meant for the following few months. He likewise took the majority of well-indeveloped inquiries on the ARP process from attendees. You have the right to check out a recording of the Zoom meeting below, and see Eric’s PowerPoint slides below. We arrangement to have another Zoom meeting through Eric later on in August for an additional update.

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Send written suggestions to the entire Metro Council!You can still submit written comments and also suggestions using this survey form.

Contact your Louisville Metro Council representative!

* likewise urges you to contact your very own Metro Council member directly, explaining just how your nonprofit (or various other regional nonprofits) would be able to usage these once-in-a-lifetime funds where the require is best. Simply state what your organization’s mission is and also how ARP funds would certainly assist you achieve that mission.

Not sure who your Metro Council representative is? Just enter your deal with on this map. You will acquire your representative’s email attend to as component of your search result.

We don’t concern calls to advocate exceptionally frequently, however this is both immediate and also essential. Please make the moment to assist ensure that neighborhood nonearnings get their share of ARP funding.



Reresources Nonprofits Can Use NOW

See our Anti-Racism/DE&I Reresource List for helpful curated sources to aid you better understand also, address, and champion diversity, equity, and also inclusion (DE&I within your company.

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Join our Facebook Group, Nonprofit Community Connection for Greater Louisville & Southern Indiana, right here. desires to assist nonrevenues use for the SBA’s Payinspect Protection Program loans easily. See our reresource page for the latest SBA creates and also guidance – and a worksheet to assist you compile your payroll data for either 2019 or the last 12 months.

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Tell us what else we have to encompass and also what sources you require. We’ve obtained your ago throughout this challenging time.

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